Oculus Rift an Innovative Product for Virtual Reality[Video]

Oculus Rift is the ultimate virtual reality

Oculus Rift is a product designed specifically for immersive gaming by a technology development company, Oculus VR. The Oculus Rift is a wearable headset that has proved to be an innovative product for virtual reality gaming. It has also caused a flurry of backers to get such a technology in the hands of developers and mass consumers. Big-name development corporations such as Valve, Epic Games, and Unity have supported Oculus VR from its inception. Oculus Rift was recently voted Innovation of the Year.

Gamespot states, “The Oculus Rift headset creates the illusion of being in a virtual world by filling the user’s field of vision.”

Among other innovative products supported by the Oculus Rift headset, an eerie game called Alone was developed and demonstrated to be a game played inside of a virtual reality game. It sounds strange, but imagine sitting in a digital living room created for a complete gaming experience. Such an experience allows the user to look around the simulated living room by a simple turn of the head. The user can turn completely around, seeing the virtual house in full view via the headset.

Alone is a spooky video game which keeps the user focused on playing by reading clues that seem to portend eerie happenings to the user’s simulated surroundings. The user can’t help but turn to look in the direction from where unnerving noises seem to be coming throughout the game. The game play in Alone is so immersive that the user forgets that the game is being played within a simulated living room.

Alone[Explicit Language]:

Sightline is another game that gives a modern perspective of quantum physics via the Oculus Rift headset. The effects of Sightline make for an amazing and an unforgettable experience that mirrors parts of the game Portal. Sightline allows the user to feel immersed in a virtual reality that is rewarding as the game play progresses. In Sightline the rules of quantum physics changes as the user advances through tests of intelligent decisions.

Sightline[Explicit Language]:

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a driving game that explores the streets of Warsaw. It has recently been added to the Oculus Rift support, and though the Oculus Rift is still in testing stages, the reviews of Euro truck have been excellent.

Euro Truck Simulator 2[Explicit Language]


Some comments regarding the headset have indicated motion sickness and low resolution; however, Oculus VR has addressed the concerns and is close to a remedy on both issues. Resolution has greatly improved and is promised to eventually be at 1080p (full HD).

Like some simulated support systems, the Oculus Rift device has also proved to help in military training without putting trainees in harm’s way. Surgical training also calls for the use of virtual reality which has proved to be a good method for surgeons looking to perfect surgical skills without the use of a cadaver.

From flight simulations to teleportation, Oculus Rift is the innovative ticket to virtual reality at its finest, which is an interesting product that is changing the formula in gaming.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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