Chris Brown: Too Angry for Rehab

Chris Brown is Ordered Back to RehabChris Brown didn’t leave rehab early he was too angry to stay. Allegedly Brown was kicked out of rehab after only 13 days for throwing a rock through his mother’s window.

Brown’s mother attempted to offer her son advice while visiting him during his brief stay at a Malibu rehab facility. She tried to urge him to stay in rehab for an extended period of time and Brown had a hissy fit and shattered her car window.

Last month Brown voluntarily submitted to rehab after attending court for an incident outside of the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. where he allegedly punched a man.

Brown who has a history of anger issues found himself on the wrong side of a woman, yet again; this time his mother.

Originally is was reported that Brown checked himself out of rehab early but during his probation hearing in a Los Angeles Courtroom on Wednesday the truth was revealed. A letter from the Malibu rehab facility was read during the hearing which stated that Brown was released from the treatment center after he violated the non-violent contract which he signed up entrance to the program.

Brown’s mother came to the facility to join her son in a therapy session. She recommended that he endure rehab a while longer and he didn’t like that. Brown was booted out of the program after he decided to throw a rock through his mother’s car windshield. At that time his behavior was deemed unacceptable and punishable by dismissal.

Ironically Brown returned to court on Wednesday accompanied by another woman; his girlfriend, Kareuche Tran. Tran joined the singer in court regarding his 2009 assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Obviously money can buy love; it doesn’t make sense to hook up with a known woman abuser who has failed to get the necessary help.

Brown faced Judge James Brandlin, a Los Angeles Court Judge, and was directed to return to rehab. The L.A. County Probation Department told the judge of his recent rehab stint and recommended that he be ordered back to rehab; on an inpatient basis.

Brown was ordered to a 90 day stay in a court-approved inpatient anger management program. He will also be required to take all medications ordered by a doctor, submit to random drug tests and complete 24 hours of weekly community service during his stay.

Given the recent incident which landed Brown in rehab the judge has agreed to allow him to leave the facility and appear in court in Washington, D.C. The felony charge he received during his initial arrest was reduced to a misdemeanor assault charge but he still needs to attend court for the outcome. His court day is set for Monday, November 25.

Judge Brandlin has stated that he also wants to review the report from that incident. That incident could possibly result in a violation of his probation; if so, Brown could face up to four years in jail. The follow-up hearing for Brown’s probation issues is scheduled for Monday, December 16.

Brown has reportedly been diagnosed with ADD and depression. Until last summer, when the judge put a stop to it, Brown had been using medical marijuana as his treatment.

Brown is upset and has complained because he can’t take medical marijuana for his anger issues. Brown feels he’s being mistreated due to his celebrity status because marijuana is legal in the state of California.

He doesn’t like the way his prescribed anti-depressant drugs affect him. He said those drugs make him feel numb and the things around him appear fuzzy.

Brown also stated that his life would improve dramatically if he could go back to taking the marijuana; otherwise, his past is going to haunt him for the rest of his life. Without medical marijuana he feels helpless and hopeless.

It doesn’t look like he’s getting a marijuana prescription any time soon but he has been prescribed a 90 day stay at an inpatient rehab facility.

Chris Brown was too angry for his last rehab visit; he has now been given the privilege of a do-over. Let’s hope he makes the best of it.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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