Fallout 4 ‘Survivor 2299’ Morse Code Signals Possible VGA Announcement: Oscar Zulu Station and Nuclear Winter [Update]

Fallout 4 Survivor 2299 Morse code signals possible VGA announcement

Update [12/02/2013 – 07:45]: Now that one of Survivor 2299’s countdowns has run to zero, yet more codes have spawned from the mysterious site.

It appears that a story is starting to finally take shape, with Vault 119 having encountered an “unknown enemy.” The details can be found in the next article:

Fallout 4 ‘Survivor 2299′ Vault 119 Enemy Invasion, Institute Shutdown and Timelines

Update [11/30/2013 – 17:38]: With clues from the Survivor 2299 website starting to dry up, in recent days, fresh revelations over the legitimacy of old evidence is starting to materialize.

The latest Fallout 4 trademark and “teaser trailer” audio clip are now confirmed to be false, representing the creations of simple hoaxers. In addition, it is hypothesized that the latest 3450 kHz broadcasts, derived from one of Survivor 2299’s previous clues, are also fake.

The Las Vegas Guardian Express has produced a rundown of the latest evidence:

Fallout 4 Leaked Trailer Audio, 3450 kHz Broadcasts and Trademark Faked by Hoaxers?

Update [11/28/2013 – 15:48]: The next series of Survivor 2299 Morse code clues have recently been interpreted by the ever-watchful Redditors. The Las Vegas Guardian Express has looked into the possible downfall of Boston, in the fictional universe, which could serve as the prelude to the next Fallout game:

Fallout 4 “Survivor 2299″ Air Raid Sirens, Frequency 3450 Transmissions and Boston’s Destruction

Update [11/26/2013 – 16:03]: As expected, further updates to the Survivor 2299 teaser site have emerged, one of which is in the form of a very wordy Morse code message. Our next article ponders over the broadcast of city-wide, “Stage 7″ warnings and a brand new “Vault Tec” message:

“Fallout 4 ‘Survivor 2299′ Teaser Reveals Stage 7 Warnings and Vault Tec Message”

As always, many thanks to the numerous commenters for regularly keeping us updated with fresh information.

Update [11/24/2013 – 16:45]: Over in the Fallout subreddit, Whitelunick and co. are now well and truly into part eight of the “Survivor 2299 Speculation and Hype Megathread.”

With this in mind, we can personally verify that the Morse code has changed to the following, when interpreted using a Morse code reader:


In a series of, now-deleted, subpages it appears that the following codes were also subsequently revealed:

  • QBN (Quabbin?) = EF
  • BGP (Bridgeport?) = OZ
  • CNC (Concord?) = SZ

Inputting QBN, BGP and CNC into the afore-mentioned code (in place of EF, OZ and SZ, respectively), and using common Morse shorthand to replace some of the remaining letter combinations, the community tentatively suggest the followed message:

“Bridgeport this is Concord -Message- Quabbin is hit – I repeat – Quabbin is hit”

The names of the places (Bridgeport, Concord and Quabbin) are all clustered around Massachusetts, where Fallout 4 is speculated to play out. These locations appear to be the top contenders for the coded message; however, if this changes, we will keep you notified.

On the main Survivor 2299 teaser page, the message now reads, “Nuclear winter is coming in…” and then goes on to provide a countdown (just under seven days, from the date of writing).

Redditor Bullshii has also identified “<span time=”1385930100″></span>” in the source code, possibly alluding to a big artwork reveal.

Meanwhile, Corey Hampson kindly provided is with information on some of the other features of the site’s javascript, rightly pointing out that the script shows there will be an “age box” of some description, with which visitors will likely have to enter in their date of birth to, eventually, access the site.

That about wraps up the latest developments. Many thanks to all of our readers for keeping us updated in the comments section. If we have missed anything, please feel free to drop us a line.

Update [11/24/2013 – 02:35]: Additional messages are being discovered all the time through Reddit; some have been confirmed, others remain a work in progress.

A number within the Fallout subreddit have hypothesized links between one of the codes and Point Lookout character Desmond Lockheart, whilst another message potentially alludes to Caesar’s Legion.

It bears not that this remains pure speculation at the moment, and has not been factually verified by Bethesda officials. The new post can be found here:

“Fallout 4 Conjecture: Caesar’s Legion, Desmond Lockheart and ‘Survivor 2299′ Code Breakdowns”

Big thank you to Matthew Bohn for keeping us updated on the latest developments, as well as the Reddit community for their dogged attempts to decipher the codes.

Update [11/23/2013 – 18:10]: The Survivor2299 teaser website was recently updated again, with an entirely different code. The nature of the message – if the site is genuine – could signify that Fallout 4 might be set in Boston, confirming previous speculation.

In light of these new revelations, we have produced a new article, dedicated to exploring the decoded message and investigating how existing Fallout 3 lore suggests the next installment to be potentially heading to Boston:

“Fallout 4 Set in Boston? ‘Survivor 2299′ Plot Thickens”

Big thank you to Samuel, who kindly updated us on the new code in the comments section.

Update [11/23/2013 – 10:39]: The Las Vegas Guardian Express has recently learned of new developments over on the Fallout subreddit, with suggestions that an audio track – possibly ripped from a Fallout 4 teaser trailer – has recently surfaced. We have briefly explored the claims for and against the legitimacy of the new, so-called teaser, in the following article:

Fallout 4 Trailer Audio Potentially Leaked: Reddit Questions Legitimacy

Update [11/22/2013 – 20:30]: The tenacious Redditors seem to have cracked the new code (see below), almost as quickly as it spawned. Whitelunick, over in the Fallout subreddit states the new code to translate as follows:

“… one two two seven two zero one three || one one two five two zero one three.”

He conjectures this to point to the following dates: 12/27/2013 and 11/25/2013.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. Big thank you to Matthew Bohn, who provided us with the update in the comments section.

Update [11/22/2013 – 19:25]: We’ve received news that an entirely new code has been released on the teaser website. The original message may still appear for some users, but simply refreshing the page presents the new code, which reads as follows:


We’re currently investigating further, in an attempt to decipher the hidden message. Many thanks to Gage, who provided us with the update in the comments section.

Original Article [11/22/2013 – 10:21]: Fallout fans have been waiting for the arrival of Fallout 4, ever since completing the last post-apocalyptic adventure back in 2008; if the latest teaser website is anything to go by, their undying wishes could soon come to fruition.

Fallout 4
Is Fallout 4 inbound? We take a look at the recent teaser website and enquire as to its legitimacy.

It seems the Bethesda developers are feeling in a cryptic – if not a little sadistic – mood, after having allegedly released a repeating Morse code sequence on a teaser website, called survivor2299.com.

There remains much consternation within the gaming community, however, as to whether the teaser represents the legitimate musings of the Maryland-based video game publisher, or whether it is simply an elaborate ruse.

Nonetheless, the site’s incarnation has sent Fallout fans into a frenzy, as attempts to decipher the Morse code and its meaning were immediately launched.

Mysterious Morse Code Messages

Simply grabbing a Morse code decoder application for Android or iOS-based smartphones will allow the user to decode the audio message, presented on the site. The following code is played on a loop, upon accessing the so-called teaser:


After much scrutiny, a group of cunning Redditors claim to have cracked the peculiar code. Silentforce3, in the Fallout subreddit, states the message to read as follows:

“Calling Any Station, Calling Any Station, Calling Any Station, This is From OZ (Oscar Zulu), Please Wait.”

Speculation that this message signals the development and imminent arrival of Fallout 4 are rife. The message, alongside a countdown clock and a Vault-Tec symbol, has added a little credence to the site being genuine, whilst garnering considerable intrigue amongst animated gamers.

In making sense of the afore-mentioned message, gamers have pointed out its connection with an unmarked quest from Fallout 3. Perusing through the official Fallout Wikia page, “Signal Oscar Zulu” refers to a radio signal southeast of Relay tower KX-B8-11. Upon firing up the tower, it begins to broadcast a request for medical assistance:

“If anyone can hear this, this is Bob Anderstein. My Family and I have taken refuge in a drainage chamber not too far from a radio relay tower outside of D.C. My boy is very sick, needs medical assistance. Please help if you can. We’re listening for your response. 3950 kilohertz.”

Upon reaching the sewer gate, the player will be led into a couple of small chambers. There inside one of the sections appears to be the living quarters of two adults, based upon the

Skeletons of two people inside sewer
Skeletal remains of two adults, located within the sewer grate of Fallout 3, presumed to be Mr. and Mrs. Anderstein.

skeletal remains. However, Bob Anderstein’s son – alive or dead – is nowhere to be found.

This calls into question the whereabouts and fate of the son. Could this allude to his involvement in Fallout 4? Is it plausible that Anderstein’s son is set to become the protagonist for the next installment of the beloved franchise?

This message was reportedly followed by yet another. The following message, at one point, was seen on the teaser site, when highlighting the text over the page:

“Nuclear winter is coming. Reserve your future home today! 877-260-2299.”

The last four digits of the telephone number, of course, corresponds with the digits of the website name, “Survivor2299” and has been suggested to denote the year in which Fallout 4 takes place. Fans might recall that Fallout 3 took place in 2270, whereas Fallout: New Vegas took place in 2280; it, therefore, stands to reason that the 2290s would fit the timeline nicely.

According to incgamers.com, when contacting the number listed, it begins playing the Tranquillity Lane music from Fallout 3. Alas, the number is no longer functional to test.

This was then followed by the following embedded message, when hovering over the website text:


This last message, once again, has spuriously vanished.

However, yet another code has made its way onto the web page; this time, the message is written above the countdown timer, whilst the old Morse code signal continues to play in the background. The new, worded code is as follows:


This reportedly translates as follows:

“My dear sister. I’m heading to the institute. God knows what happened to this place now. This old bastard will help us. He must help us. -0321-“

Is Bethesda’s Silence Telling?

Meanwhile, Bethesda is remaining suspiciously tight-lipped over the rumors and has failed to offer comment, despite prods from numerous video game media outlets. If the teaser is a fake, this would seem to mark a considerable change in strategy for the company, who is renowned for immediately rejecting unfounded Fallout 4 stories.

It has also emerged that the Fallout 4 title had been trademarked in Europe on Nov.14, 2013, and currently remains under review. However, many point to the Half-Life 3 trademark hoax as reason not to place one’s faith solely in trademarks as an indicator of a product’s release; within a short time of its emergence, the HL3 filing very quickly disappeared from the EU trademark website, dashing the hopes of longstanding Gordon Freeman fanatics.

Interestingly, it is reported that DLA Piper, a British-based legal firm, was responsible for applying for the filing with the Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM). DLA Piper’s purported involvement would seem to add greater credibility to the filing.

The Mystery of Who Put up The Teaser?

Other gaming sites have attempted to investigate those responsible for putting up the teaser. Looking towards the WhoIs profile, GamingBolt seems to refute the notion that the site is genuine, based upon the finding that it was registered through GoDaddy, with the domain suggesting it to be hosted in Poland.

However, we have taken a look at the same details and stumbled across some interesting findings. Firstly, the WhoIs profile page shows two sections, one for the registry and one for the registrar, both of which were last updated at different times.

The domain name “THESURVIVOR2299.COM” actually has an IP address that is associated with Maryland, whilst the admin and tech organization is stated as “ZeniMax Media Inc.” ZeniMax Media Inc., as many Fallout fans will be aware, is the parent company of the Fallout developer Bethesda.

Also, Blizzard had previously registered one of its titles (Warlords of Draenor) with GoDaddy, prior to launching the site with its typical partner. Although ZeniMax usually uses Corporate Domains Inc., it is not out of the realms of all possibility that the conglomerate is merely pulling the stunt to maintain suspense and mystery.

Ultimately, if the countdown timer is anything to go by, we could be learning of more Fallout news on Dec. 11. Surely, it can be no coincidence that the Video Game Awards are also set for the same week? The VGA venue is where many game releases are unveiled to the public and, if Bethesda plans to make an announcement regarding Fallout 4, this is likely to be where all the mystery will unfold.

Fallout 4 countdown timer
The countdown continues…

So, what do you think? Fake or genuine? Sound off in the comments section, below.

We’ve also dropped Bethesda a line to see whether they’re willing to shed any light as to the legitimacy of the teaser site. However, given the company’s silence with other media outlets, it seems unlikely they will break their silence.

By James Fenner


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