Fallout 4 ‘Survivor 2299’ Teaser Reveals Stage 7 Warnings and Vault Tec Message [Update]

Fallout 4 'Survivor 2299' Teaser Issues Stage 7 Warnings and Vault Tec Message (Inner)

Update [12/02/2013 – 07:45]: Now that one of Survivor 2299’s countdowns has run to zero, yet more codes have spawned from the mysterious site.

It appears that a story is starting to finally take shape, with Vault 119 having encountered an “unknown enemy.” The details can be found in the next article:

Fallout 4 ‘Survivor 2299′ Vault 119 Enemy Invasion, Institute Shutdown and Timelines

Update [11/30/2013 – 17:38]: With clues from the Survivor 2299 website starting to dry up, in recent days, fresh revelations over the legitimacy of old evidence is starting to materialize.

The latest Fallout 4 trademark and “teaser trailer” audio clip are now confirmed to be false, representing the creations of simple hoaxers. In addition, it is hypothesized that the latest 3450 kHz broadcasts, derived from one of Survivor 2299’s previous clues, are also fake.

The Las Vegas Guardian Express has produced a rundown of the latest evidence:

Fallout 4 Leaked Trailer Audio, 3450 kHz Broadcasts and Trademark Faked by Hoaxers?

Update [11/28/2013 – 15:48]: The next series of Survivor 2299 Morse code clues have recently been interpreted by the ever-watchful Redditors. The Las Vegas Guardian Express has looked into the possible downfall of Boston, in the fictional universe, which could serve as the prelude to the next Fallout game:

Fallout 4 “Survivor 2299″ Air Raid Sirens, Frequency 3450 Transmissions and Boston’s Destruction

Original Article [11/26/2013]: The new Survivor 2299 teaser site has avid Fallout fans in a fluster, again, as the unending slew of ciphers and mysterious puzzles spawning from the mind(s) of its inceptors continues, possibly alluding to a big Fallout 4 reveal.

The site’s legitimacy, quite rightly, has been called into question. Although it appears that a Fallout 4 trademark was recently filed by DLA Piper with the Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM), many remain unconvinced that the Maryland-based company, Bethesda, would file the trademark in the European Union.

If genuine, the trademark is said to cover merchandise and digital media products, among other things, perhaps inferring that Bethesda is preparing for a big launch of some description.

The Las Vegas Guardian Express has been following recent events closely. For those unaware of the recent hubbub, the following articles will get you up to speed:

However, the website was then updated again, sounding out an entirely new Morse code message, on Nov. 25. Using a simple Morse code app, the Survivor 2299 site presents one of the wordiest messages, to date:


Stage 7 Warnings

On the Reddit “Megathread” the Fallout community has already knuckled down and interpreted some of the various facets of the message. They theorize that NCRA is a simple acronym, denoting National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary.

Germantown Police HQ in Fallout 3
Image showing the ruins of Germantown Police HQ in Fallout 3.

According to the Fallout Wikia page, the NCRA was a detail of medical professionals placed on alert, in the event of a major catastrophe. In terms of pre-war activity, players that performed a little extra exploration during Fallout 3 may have been lucky enough to stumble upon Nancy Kroyden’s logs, located in the remains of Germantown.

Kroyden was a nurse, before and after the Great War. Her logs provide insight into her valiant endeavors in attempting to save individuals who had succumbed to radiation sickness. As stocks of Prussian Blue and filgrastim medications dwindled – used in the management of radiation poisoning – Kroyden herself fell victim to the perils of the wasteland, as evidenced by the following log:

“Without medication, people are succumbing to radiation sickness, for which there is no hope of treatment. We can do nothing more than make our patients comfortable as we await the end. When the painkillers and whiskey run out, prayer is all that we can offer them. I’ve taken to wearing a headwrap; I don’t want them to see how much of my own hair has fallen out.”

Meanwhile, it is suggested that “BST 314 7” may refer to some outfit situated in Boston (BST); for example, Unit 314, Stage 7 is one of the most logical possibilities proposed, so far.

INES scale a reference to stage 7
INES scale, showing the different levels, relative to their “incident” and “accident” categorizations.

In addition, it has been suggested that “Stage 7” is attributed to the International Nuclear Event Scale, which ranges from levels 1 all the way to 7, increasing in severity up the scale. According to the real-world International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), there remains in place a hierarchical scale to adequately classify the severity of nuclear and radiological events.

The International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) uses levels, as opposed to stages, however. Despite this small discrepancy, the Reddit community seems to remain convinced by the connection.

Accordingly, levels 1-3 are categorized as “incidents,” whereas levels 4-7 are “accidents.” Whether the INES scale has any true relation to the afore-mentioned message, however, remains to be definitively established.

Mr. House and the Fate of Vegas

Intriguingly, looking at the message, Las Vegas shows an “unknown” status. It is likely that all of the cities mentioned were struck by nuclear warheads, hence the Stage 7 report, whereas Las Vegas was spared. Indeed, Vegas’ survival is attributed to the actions of Robert House, who had foreseen the nuclear war between America and China and invested large sums of money into protecting his home city.

House introduced a series of countermeasures to prevent most of the missiles from hitting Las Vegas. Realizing that his calculations would not be sufficient to protect the entirety of Vegas, Mr. House then ordered engineers to manufacture a platinum chip that would upgrade his defense systems to provide better protection. Alas, before the chip could be delivered and fitted, nuclear missiles were deployed and the outer regions of the city were laid to waste, and the chip’s precise whereabouts became confused.

On a final note, the message appears to cut short at Boston, with the city’s fate left unannounced. Quite conceivably, this could mean that the announcer’s city was struck, just before revealing the fate of Boston.

Vault Tech Messages

On Nov. 26, another Morse code message became available to an excitable Fallout community, reading as follows:


Amazingly, Reddit was able to decipher the code within the short time it was uploaded. The message, although partly speculative, appears to refer to Vault Technician 2510730, who appeals to the survivors in Quabbin:

“Calling all stations, calling all stations, calling all stations, this is Vault Technician 2510730 one six emergency (vault tec?) shelter for survivors in Quabbin, no. 119, repeat, emergency vault tec shelter for survivors in Quabbin, no. 119, over.”

Taking a quick look at the Boston fire codes, the Reddit community have confirmed that code 119 signals “fire detail.” However, as of yet, the exact meaning of the numbers remains elusive.

It’s also interesting to read all of the messages in sequence, from when they first began. In terms of chronology, it appears that these messages were broadcast around the time period when the nuclear warheads were first deployed. Could this indicate that the next game will be a prequel of sorts? Perhaps, only parts of the game will transpire before and during the Great War, however.

The Countdown to Nuclear Winter

Some die-hard Fallout fans have already started developing maps of what the landscape of Fallout 4 might look like. The following map was produced by Redditor Zakerias, showing a number of notable regions, including Quabbin Reservoir, Hanscom Air Force and Massachusetts Maritime Academy, to name a few.

Fallout 4 (Speculation Map) - Quabbin Reservoir-Boston - Imgur
Fallout 4 location map, outlining some of the possible areas of Boston that might be explored in a post-apocalyptic setting.

It’s also worth reiterating the countdown clock, which has been ticking down for quite some time. At the time of writing, the countdown reads “Nuclear winter is coming in 4days 21h 1m 20s.” This would perhaps suggest that the first Fallout 4 reveal, assuming the site to be genuine, might be arriving around this time.

The gaming fraternity has also noticed that, in a time when a huge amount of publicity is centering around the imminent arrival of the next iteration in the Fallout franchise, Bethesda has released a minor update on Steam for Fallout: New Vegas, adding support for cloud saves. Could this be another part of Bethesda’s tease, or purely a simple coincidence?

We will continue to report on all things Fallout 4, in due course. Hopefully, we will also receive some clarification on some of the more ambiguous parts of the recently released messages.

In the meantime, please feel free to highlight any new information, tips or updates in the comments section, below.

By James Fenner


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