Is Alec Baldwin Having a Kanye Moment? [video]

Alec Baldwin Attacks Paparazzi and Media like KanyeIt appears that winning the court case against his stalker wasn’t enough to satisfy Alec Baldwin. He seems to be disgruntled and has been having far too many Kanye moments lately.

The paparazzi and the media are riding him so hard that he’s having a hard time controlling himself. I can’t say his actions have taken anything away from his acting credentials because he is definitely acting; just like Kanye.

It seemed that Baldwin couldn’t escape the media today. He had several run-ins with them which were, of course, caught by TMZ. Allegedly Baldwin shoved a photographer, threatened and insulted a reporter, got up close and personal with another reporter, and even bumped into a parked car as he was leaving.

This seems more like the actions of Kanye than one would expect from Baldwin.

The paparazzi can be aggressive, overbearing and simply annoying; almost enough to taint the 55-year-old’s actor’s image. He is in Kanye mode; attacking every reporter that comes his way.

It’s understandable that Baldwin would want to shield his family from the paparazzi and the media but it doesn’t excuse his recent behavior.

In the middle of all his media and paparazzi drama came allegations that Baldwin diced out a homophobic slur at a photographer. Initially he tried to clean it up and say all he said was fat head.

To throw around slurs against the gay community is an absolute no-no and Rick Ferraro from GLAAD didn’t hesitate to let Baldwin know.

Baldwin offered a half-hearted apology by way of twitter; but many, including Anderson Cooper, felt it was insincere and had no problem informing him.

Cooper, who is an openly gay journalist, acknowledged the actor’s anti-gay jargon by tweeting, “Wow, Baldwin showed his true colors again.” He wanted to know how the actor was going to lie and excuse his actions this time. Cooper did not buy Baldwin’s apology at all.

Cooper said he wasn’t even concerned with an apology from Baldwin but was curious as to why he would make a comment that he would waste time lying about repeatedly afterwards. He said Baldwin’s excuses were so ridiculous they were funny.

In another incident Baldwin angrily confronted one female reporter and then demanded that the cops arrest her. It’s not clear what actually grinded his gears but his car was swarmed with photographers and reporters. In another Kanye moment Baldwin yells F-U to the reporter before storming away and diving into his car.

He was so upset that he hit a parked car as he hastily tried to make a getaway.

Baldwin was heading back to his apartment in Manhattan when another reporter approached him about his stalker case. He responded in a threatening manner by telling the reporter that if they were still around when his wife and child came outside they were going to have a big problem. He added, “You know that don’t you?”

Then as Baldwin turned to enter his building he had another Kanye moment; he hurled out one last offensive remark to the reporter. He said, “You’re with Fox, right? You are as dumb as you look.”

All in all it seems that Baldwin has had a rough day and has responded to his unhappy moments in true Kanye fashion.

Even though Alec Baldwin won his court case against his stalker; sending her to jail, he is still not happy. The way he has acted lately makes you wonder if he’s really that disgruntled or just having a series of Kanye moments.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Guardian Express

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