Miley Cyrus Is Trashy

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Miley Cyrus went to complete trash once she hit adulthood. Yesterday, she celebrated her 21st birthday and as a present from MTV, she had control of their station for 8 full hours. What exactly turned this once pretty innocent girl so trashy? To figure out where she began down the destructive path you much start from the beginning.

Her birth name was Destiny Hope Cyrus. Her nick name was always Smiley because she was always so cheerful. After a while her nickname was shortened to Miley. How did this child star wind up licking hammers?

Cyrus was originally known as Hannah Montana and starred in her own Disney TV series that lasted from 2006 until 2011. When she first heard of the casting for Hannah Montana she was 11-years-old. By the time the series began, she was 13-years-old playing the dual life as the hit star. Due to this Disney show, the fan base of Cyrus was made up of primarily young girls. These girls grew up with this young actress and eventually would become very disgusted by her.

Cyrus seemed to be a good role model until she chopped off her hair mid 2012. Once her long locks were gone the public saw a whole new side to this girl. Besides cutting off her hair, the first outrageous thing Miley did was change her wardrobe. Cyrus began wearing more mature clothes and producing more mature music. Most of these changes however were positive. It wasn’t until 2013 when she began to really act out.

In mid-July of this year, Cyrus opened up about doing drugs. She claims she likes talking about doing drugs as well as being photographed while smoking drugs. The singer goes on stating her opinion on how weed is the best drug on earth. She bragged about seeing a wolf howling at the moon after she “smoked a joint.” Weed and molly are the two “happy drugs” that she claims are social drugs. Cyrus states these drugs open you up and make you want to be with friends. The one drug she emphasizes on being gross is coke. She considers coke to be gross, dark and from the 90s.

Currently her trade mark is sticking her tongue out whenever she is getting her picture taken. When asked why she sticks her tongue out she replied, “I hate smiling in pictures.” Cyrus feels awkward and cheesy if she were to smile for a picture. She likes how people expect her to stick her tongue out for a photo now. Wanting to be different, Cyrus started this trend to go along with her short hair. Between the short hair and odd behavior, she feels empowered.

It is unknown what kind of trouble she will get herself into now that she is legal. During her birthday bash, it was reported that her house was broken into. The LAPD claims Cyrus is pretty shaken up by the whole incident. Luckily, it happened while she was out and she was not harmed. She claimed a lot of personal items had been stolen.

As for this young singer’s birthday, it was postponed until today. She wants to sing at the AMA’s and missed celebrating her birthday on its designated date. She will be ready to party and live it up after work, she claims. At least she is showing some responsibility and isn’t completely clueless as she lets on.

Cyrus went from being the fun, innocent girl everyone loved to this trashy, drug abusing adult. Her young fans are devastated at her recent behavior. Everyone just wants the innocent girl back. What Miley may not understand is she can be fun without being trashy. If she keeps up at the pace she is going now, she won’t have the choice to go back.

By Anjulina MaComber



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