Miss Universe 2013: 5 Facts About the Venezuelan and Post-Competition Reactions

Miss Universe 2013 5 facts about venezuelan beauty and reactions

The newly crowned Venezuelan beauty, of the 62nd Miss Universe 2013 pageant, was none other than Maria Gabriela Isler. After beating off fierce competition from 85 stunning contestants, the news anchor claimed the much coveted title of this year’s Miss Universe, at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

The highly anticipated event was beamed to hundreds of millions of viewers around the globe, as the judging panelists cast their decisions as to who would be this year’s winner. Rock legend Steve Tyler was in attendance, as one of the judges, and also performed an electrifying rendition of Dream On, which he performed for the remaining five contestants – Miss Brazil, Miss Ecuador, Miss Philippines, Miss Spain and Miss Venezuela.

The title was presented to Isler by Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, the American titleholder for the illustrious beauty pageant. Culpo wore a beautiful rhine-stone studded evening gown, as she positioned the diamond crown atop the head of the new champion, Isler, who is now the seventh Venezuelan to have triumphed at a Miss Universe contest.

As a part of her ceremonial duties, the 25-year-old sported a jewel-studded swimsuit, costing a whopping $1 million. The swimsuit was designed by YAMAMAY, to celebrate both the launch of their upcoming clothing line and the glitzy Miss Universe event.

Miss Venezuela next to Donald Trump
Miss Universe 2013 Maria Gabriela Isler, standing next to event co-owner Donald Trump.

Following her gracious victory, Isler began talking to reporters following the show’s conclusion. Standing next to the enterprising business magnate Donald Trump, who remains co-owner of the spectacular show along with NBC Universal, an overwhelmed Isler articulated her thoughts on winning:

“I have a lot of emotions. I can’t describe all the things that I feel at this moment because I’m shaking… I’m still in shock. I feel so blessed, so happy to be here.”

Trump then offered his opinion on the show’s success, estimating that in excess of a billion people watched the extravagant affair.

According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Isler explained that she had stayed up the previous night chatting to friends and family, before going on to express her emotions, post-competition.

“I feel very happy to share my first day as Miss Universe… I’m a simple girl. I am just come to have fun, to enjoy the moment — and here I am.”

5 Facts About Maria Gabriela Isler

In light of Isler’s recent success, we thought we would take a slightly deeper look at the winner, including her history and talents, alongside some other small bits of interesting trivia.

1. The Uninvited Party-Goer

As a youngster, Isler formerly attended parties that she was not even asked to attend. As an audacious 7-year-old, she would turn up to birthday parties without an official invitation, only to befriend the birthday boy/girl.

2. She Collected a Degree, Before Working as a TV Anchor

Many people already know that Isler made her show business debut as a television anchor for the Venevision TV Network. However, prior to this, she acquired a Bachelor of Arts Miss Venezuela wins Miss Universe 2013degree in Management and Marketing; it was only three years ago that she had finished her thesis.

She was originally born April 21, 1988, in the third largest city in Venezuela, Valencia, before moving to Maracay in the north-central region of the country, where she grew up and studied.

3. Her Talents Lie in Dancing and Gift-Wrapping

Gabriela has two talents – dancing and gift-wrapping. She trained as a flamenco dancer, when she was just a little girl.

She also had a job wrapping gifts when she was younger. Isler says she enjoyed the job, as it gave her the opportunity to enquire as to the reasoning behind each present’s selection. As a heart-warming touch, she enjoyed stylizing and decorating the gift, in accordance with what the customer had told her about its back-story.

4. She is Half Venezuelan and Half Swiss

According to the Examiner, the young woman is half Venezuelan and half Swiss, owing her Swiss heritage to her father Juan Isler Lengemann. Lengemann is reportedly the son of immigrants from communes of Lausanne and Schaffhausen.

5. She Loves Spending Time with her Family and Playing Video Games

According to the Miss Universe website description, Isler has been the loving aunt to her sister’s young three-year-old. After taking flamenco dance lessons, the 5′ 10″ tall beauty maintains that her “real training” began following the birth of her niece. Isler often helps look after her sister’s daughter and equates herself to being like a second mother.

The leggy brunette also deeply respects her mother, a figure who remains the young woman’s greatest role model, to this day.

Another interesting fact, likely to win the hearts of many a gamer, is that Isler enjoys playing video games.

Many congratulations to Maria Gabriela Isler, and the whole of Venezuela, on the momentous victory. We look forward to hearing more from the newly titled Miss Universe for 2013.

By James Fenner

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