South Africa: Politics Crime Commerce and Lies

South Africa Societal Climate Allowed Truth to be Hidden

South Africa is a state of politics, crime, commerce and lies. There is also a pervading sense of unease and fear. This sense or feeling is just under the eyeline; a crawling on the back of the neck that warns of something bad just waiting to happen. While walking or driving down the streets of certain cities; Joburg for one; the feeling of impending attack is almost palpable.

Residents have learned to live with this underlying feeling of destruction. So much so that my hosts were almost surprised at the account of my stay. Living behind walls can be dealt with like any other uncomfortable thing in life. South African people are, if nothing else, adaptable. The good people who gave me shelter during my stay had adapted to locking themselves in at night. This atmosphere was perfect for selling the world lies about Madiba’s health and death.

The announcement of Nelson Mandela’s death comes months after his family and the government kept the great man “alive” long after he had been declared brain dead in June this year. The two allies relied upon the societal climate in South Africa to keep the Mandela truth hidden. A combination of factors allowed the lie to live on inspite of logic that should have told people who respected the iconic figure that it could not really be true. As tributes pour in for the great man and dignitaries flock in to attend his December 15 funeral the deception lives on.

On June 26, 2013 the Las Vegas Guardian Express received word that the great Nelson Mandela had died. An article was drafted based on information received from two different sources. It was then placed in a pending file whilst waiting for a third independent source to come forward. A decision was made to publish the news based on the integrity of the two sources who had provided our Johannesburg  correspondent, Laura ONeale, with the information.

Within hours of publishing the story,  this website was attacked illegally from that area of the world. This marked the beginning of a South African journey through the smoke screen that was intended to hide the truth of Madiba’s death.

For an excellent recap of what transpired on the day we published, check out the link below to Graham Noble’s article Nelson Mandela: What Were We Thinking?.  When the news of Mandela’s death was finally announced yesterday, our original stories got a lot of attention and we added new stories about the cover-up.

In a repeat of the initial attacks against our website; which lasted over a period of days; our site was attacked again yesterday. Coincidence? Not likely; each time we have been attacked the Las Vegas Guardian Express has published stories telling the truth of Mandela’s death and the complicity of the family and government in covering up the real events behind the great man’s passing.

The first time we were attacked our Editor-in-Chief DiMarkco Chandler decided to send a journalist to South Africa to do some research. Our correspondent, Laura ONeale, would take charge and see that the individual sent would meet sources and learn about what living in the country was like. In both cases Laura went well above what was required and much was learned about just what was really going on in “the richest country in the world.”

Originally the publication’s World News Editor was to fly to the country to interview sources and discover what South Africa was like away from the beaten path. Circumstances meant that the closer Deputy Managing Editor, myself, undertake the fact-finding trip instead.  I quickly orchestrated tickets and flew to South Africa the same day it was decided that I would have to go.

Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria were the three main areas of focus along with several small “townships” in between. I stayed at a local residence in the Johannesburg area for a five day period. I experienced, for the first time, living behind barred doors, windows and high gated fences; the tops of which had either razor wire, electric fencing or sharpened metal stakes to prevent outsiders from climbing over them. Rather than feeling safe behind that fortress of “protection” I felt besieged and trapped.

It should be pointed out that Johannesburg was the worst area of the three. Soweto welcomed visitors and was truly a delight, despite the fact that shantytowns that surround the area are “no-go” areas for the lighter skinned occupants of the country. Pretoria, where I went to see the hospital that housed Mandela at the time, was also different from Joburg. There was no uneasy underlying atmosphere, but, even in the “nicer” city you would not want to hang around a taxi rank for fear of being shot. In all areas I was taken to the “safe” areas. One could not visit the more unpleasant areas; parts of the city ruled by gangs; with a driver and guide who were female.

South Africa Societal Climate Allowed Truth to be Hidden
One of the more “upmarket” homes with gated walls and electric wire.

This type of fortress is not limited to higher income addresses. Everyone lives behind, hopefully, impregnable walls. The only houses that do not have these precautions are drug dealers and similar criminal dens. Even with houses heavily protected from external forces, crime is high in South Africa.

As well as crime commerce also ranks high on the scale of importance. On every sidewalk in whatever city or town you happen to be in are sellers of produce and an assortment of goods that stretch from second hand clothes to electrical items. All that is required is a patch of ground with enough room for a blanket and the items on offer. This is during the daytime. After hours other things are sold. Prostitutes line the streets and roads in certain areas, but, be advised; if you want a white sex worker you need to get there early. The later the hour the darker the skin and the more wrinkled.

In the beginning hours of the night youth sells, girls who look to be no more than 12 years of age parade their wares alongside their lighter complected competition. Sex is not the only other thing that can be bought by the roadside. Drugs and weapons can be purchased at any of the black markets that are scattered about Johannesburg. Despite the title of “black market” these areas of commercial enterprise are not hidden or covert in nature. They are out in the open and full of consumers.

Other areas that offer drugs are located in “corner shops” that fall under the category of convenience stores. Soft drinks, sweets, snacks and marijuana, et al, are available for purchase. Another type of “convenience store” can also be found right out in the open; brothels. Labeled as “Lodges” these sex-for-sale houses are open 24 hours a day and can be found in the residential areas of town.

South Africa Societal Climate Allowed Truth to be Hidden
Lodges, aka brothels, located in a residential area around Johannesburg.

Even driving a car down the road has its dangers. Especially if valuables are in sight; even more so if the driver or passengers are female. There are an unofficial set of rules for driving in South Africa. Drive with your windows rolled up; doors locked; no valuables left in plain sight; and most importantly, do not stop for a “disabled” vehicle on the side of the road. I was told stories of drivers being robbed when they stopped to help a fellow traveller who appeared to have car problems.

Law enforcement officials are not there to help. Police are there for simple infractions where chances of payoffs exist. Police also get money from those houses that do not need walls or bars for protection. Clearly marked vehicles that can not be mistaken for any other public service can be seen parked in front of brothels and drug lord’s houses.

They are not making arrests.

There are some citizens of South Africa who do get help on a regular basis. Chinese “businessmen” and their families get preferential treatment. Law enforcement officials are required to respond to crimes against the Chinese within 25 minutes. There must also be a resolution before 48 hours has gone by. The media, apart from the initial airing of the crime itself, is not allowed to do follow-on stories about the incident.

South Africa uses politics to hide crime and promote lies. The emphasis on commerce in a country where it seems everything is for sale means that money buys many things. Silence, cooperation, and journalism that reports just what they are told to are all either bought or coerced. Before Nelson Mandela died, the country trembled on the edge of a precipice. Now that the denizens of that country have been “officially” told that their legend is dead, grief has taken over and, if the predictions are true, apocalyptic chaos will ensue. Just do not wait to read or hear about if from the South African media.

The media has a fine line to walk apart from the restrictions placed upon them about reporting Chinese crime incidents; News in South Africa is truthful because it is not allowed to be. The mandate for media is to report what the government want them to report. Journalists are told not to upset the populace, but, to help keep them calm and under control. There is no “freedom” of the press in South Africa.

South Africa Societal Climate Allowed Truth to be Hidden
Non-hidden black market. Selling items that range from drugs to AK-47s.

It is this lack of freedom that allowed the Nelson Mandela legacy be destroyed by avarice and fear. The South African smokescreen made the great man’s journey in death a farce of international magnitude. The world was lied to right along with the South African people. Even President Obama was mislead by Madiba’s family and President Zuma.

Politics rule in the country. The fact-finding trip took place at a period just before elections. As a result all businesses were friendly, helpful and eager to please. It is said that this always happens prior to an election as the government insists that everyone look happy that deal with the public. Any other behaviour would not be showing off the existing government to full advantage.

The combination of commerce, media control and politics made it very easy for authorities, in conjunction with Mandela’s family, to keep the reality of the great man’s condition secret. The societal climate of South Africa allowed the truth of Madiba’s real condition to be hidden and Nelson Mandela was not allowed to die with dignity as befitted the legendary humanitarian.

The reason’s for the long coverup of Madiba’s death back in June this year when he was declared brain dead are many. On one side you have the family scrambling to get their hands on that 127 million rand which had been accumulated by Mandela when he was President of South Africa. On the other side you have paranoia and not just from some factions who believe the predictions of Siener van Rensburg, who is considered a modern day Nostradamus. Rensburg, who died in 1926 was known as the “prophet of the Boere.” The government are also paranoid that they will lose control of the people, regardless of any prophecy.

Rensburg predicted apocalyptic events that would transpire when Mandela died. One of which was Operation Uhuru; also known as the “Night of Long Knives.” There are a great many South Africans who believe in the prophecies and are actively preparing for them. The African people who do not believe in the modern Nostradamus are afraid of political and civil unrest; financial ruin; and chaos. The political parties also believe that the ANC will fall apart.

Nelson Mandela: a South African Journey Through the Smoke
Drug gang; when they realized their picture was being taken they made the sign of a gun with their hands at me while I took the pictures.

The South African government and the people in-country are not the only ones who apparently believe in this prediction of ruin. It would seem that the Chinese government do as well. Laura and I spoke to two different sources who told us of an army base that the Chinese own and of a build-up of Chinese troops and weapons. This information was passed on in July this year.

I just received further information that, last month, large quantities of cash has been withdrawn from various banks. This money has been placed in a centralized and isolated location. It is rumored to be in support of a large South African intake of Chinese males. This is expected to happen toward the end of this month.

The “night of long knives” has been predicted most recently to occur on December 22 this year. Huge amounts of money have been withdrawn from several banks and taken to a central isolated location. We anticipate that it has something to do with the massive intake of Chinese males expected to enter South Africa toward the end of this month. Five Afrikaans cults are said to be planning the event based on the predictions of van Rensburg.

Even discounting the apocalyptic scenario; authorities believe that once Mandela is buried on December 15 things will rapidly go downhill for the country. At this very moment, according to our correspondent, Nelson Mandela is on every channel on every station in the country. Despite months of subterfuge and lies, the public’s grief at the great man’s passing is practically all encompassing. The man who was the legend is really, officially, gone and an entire nation is in mourning.

South Africa feels like it is a state of politics, crime, commerce and lies. There is also a pervading sense of unease and fear. It was the combination of this South African societal climate that allowed the truth of Nelson Mandela’s death to remain hidden. A number of circumstances allowed the Las Vegas Guardian Express to learn the reality behind the smokescreen used to hide Nelson Mandela’s real condition. Fear kept many from coming forward. Even though Court documents show that the family claimed that Madiba was in a permanent vegetative state back in June this year, no-one wanted to believe he was really gone. The wish to believe that there was still hope kept the icon alive in people’s minds. The story that Mandela was in a critical, but, stable condition was accepted even though it was a contradiction in terms. A triangle of commerce, politics, and media control helped the family and the government to deceive the South African people and the world.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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