Mental Health: Women Being Active to Combat Low Libido From Antidepressants

mental health: antidepressants causing low libido in women

It is extremely important to understand the relationship of mental health in women and being active in order to improve side effects from antidepressants that may cause low libido. Recent research indicates that exercise can moderately help problems with low sex drive in women who take certain antidepressants. This new finding also seems to be a great, low-cost alternative in alleviating side effects from psychotropic drugs, such as antidepressant usage. Exercise is also a great benefit that makes each individual mental health case less challenging for doctors to handle, compared to managing more drugs to counteract the sexual side effects.

The FDA has recently rejected the use of ‘pink Viagra’ for treating low sex drive in women. Due to a lack of research, the FDA is asking for further studies to prove its effectiveness and safety before it will be approved. This situation just proves how challenging it can be in obtaining low libido medications for women. This particular challenge also gives researchers a very good reason to look into alternative means for women to manage their sex drive more effectively.

The new mental health study had 52 women, who were having libido side effects while taking antidepressants, have intercourse three times a week for three weeks with no exercise. Then after the three-week period, the women were told to exercise for 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse when they had it three times a week, or even to just work out three times a week while making sure they had sex three times a week as well.

The participants then reported their mental health status, sexual function and desires. It was shown that regular exercise prior to intercourse helped to improve orgasms in the effected women, compared to the other groups of women. The scientists noted that the high intensity exercise stimulated the sympathetic nervous system that controls blood flow to the genital region, while antidepressants actually lower blood pressure and decrease blood flow in the genital area of many women.

Not only will exercise improve healthier living, but sexual health for both partners.  Although, the study did not mention any possibility of helping men that also have such side effects from antidepressants.  Mental health status is a huge part of having a healthy and stable sexual relationship.  So, when women choose to improve their mental health and to be active in order to combat low libido from antidepressants, they are choosing to improve their relationships as well.

Recent studies have also shown that the benefits of exercise help other areas of health that include breast cancer and dementia risks. The World Cancer Research Fund recommends that if women strive to be fit, it can also reduce the risk for uterine and other sexual health risks. Doctors need to be looking at more alternative means for maintaining a variety of health problems, besides pushing the use of pharmacological treatments as a primary choice.

So in reality, it would be very effective for women to eat healthier and to maintain a healthier exercise regime that fits their lifestyle.  When looking at past to present research on health problems within women, there does seem to be a pattern of reduced cancer concerns when healthier habits are adopted.  These healthier actions obviously include the mental health status of women who choose to be more active while correcting their low libido from any antidepressant side effects.

By Tina Elliott


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