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South Africa: Nelson Mandela and Siener Van Rensburg Prophecies

Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution

On December 5, 2013, after months of Nelson Mandela magically clinging to life against all logical expectations, the South African Government announced that the great humanitarian had died. Hence, after an overlong period of secrecy and deception, the icon was finally allowed to die. By the time it was officially announced, even the most devout believers, in the apparent lie pushed by the Mandela family and the South African Presidency, began to doubt its veracity. While the country’s denizens began the mourning process, others in the population; people who believed in Siener van Rensburg and his chilling prophecies, began to make final preparations for the “xenophobia.” Still more of the population eye their new Chinese “neighbors” and fear that they may be part of an end game solution.

This article will show that some citizens of the country are preparing themselves for civil unrest that will leave many dead and in a state of siege. Even before the latest news of South Africans collecting AK-47s and other automatic weapons, excitedly showing them off to their comrades, certain factions of ZA were arming themselves and storing caches of food, water and ammunition. These people are not a group of paranoid delusional survivalists they are individuals who have read the danger signs and believe in Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies. They also do not believe the propaganda being dished out to the masses about Madiba’s death.

The obvious lie promoted by the South African government and the late Mandela’s family is that the man was not declared brain dead on June 11 this year. Despite hard copy evidence that shows the family admitted in a court document that the elder statesmen was in a permanent vegetative state back in June, people preferred to listen to a government that specialized in distorting or hiding the truth from its constituents. More, less concrete, evidence continues to surface from South Africa sources and from journalists who are not afraid of retribution for telling the truth. Case in point was the smoking gun tape that this publication made available for readers to hear the information that Mandela’ really died back in June this year.

On November 28, 2013 the South African publication iol.com printed a story concerning a furious argument about the decision to close Ysterplaat Air Force Base to the public. The base closure was ordered by Air Force officials who cited “safety concerns and procedures” as the reason for cancelling the air show.  Team ALARM imply that the base closure is connected to improvements made  at Mthatha Airport which is located only 31.3 kilometers – approximately 19 miles – from Qunu; the village where the Nelson Mandela funeral will take place. Reading between the lines, it appears that ALARM have connected the base closure to the public as a way to facilitate ferrying VIPs from  the air base to Mthatha and the airport with its newly lengthened runway.  The village that houses the renovated airport has already seen many “rushed” improvements that include creating enough room to handle world visitors.

Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution
The 2013 poster for the Ysterplaat Wings & Wheels Airshow; now cancelled.

The shutting down of Ysterplaat meant that Cape Town’s Wings and Wheels Air Show was cancelled after a lot of time and money had already been sunk into the Air Force Base. Organisers of the air show claim the reason for the closure in political in nature and nothing to do with safety issues.  Regardless of whether the AFB will be used to transport important visitors to the Qunu by way of Mthatha and its enlarged airport, it has been noted that  all the roads in the area, including those to Qunu, have been modernized and updated. As the reporter in iol points out, visitors to the funeral can take a 30 minute drive to reach Qunu on  “lovely new roads.”

This “row” was commented on by forum members via the AVCOM avionics website. One commenter whose username is CV580 references an organization, or group, called Team ALARM. ALARM state that work began on the airfield back in 2012 with a big rush to finish the runway access in May this year. CV580 also points out that the modernization of the entire area was energized late in 2012.

Team ALARM go on to point out that anyplace where VIPs and tourists might want to travel or drive has been improved, upgraded or repaired. Even stating that gravel roads have been re-topped and repaired. As well as the new bridges, roads and electrical improvements, the area has new gas stations and hotels. The team mentioned that the museum, Nelson Mandela House, has had a stylish facelift.

The group posting via CV580  made their comments on the avionics’ forum on December 4, 2013. Chillingly, they went on to predict that Nelson Mandela’s death would be announced the following day. They also came close to predicting the funeral date. The “team” guessed that it would take place on December 16 instead of the final date of the 15th. The information presented by both the main article dealing with the angry battle between the government and the organisers of the air show and Team ALARM shows clearly that the authorities knew in June that Mandela was going to die that month by their rapid escalation of the area’s improvements. This knowledge was hidden from the public.

Clearly Madiba’s days were numbered after the ambulance breakdown that left the humanitarian stranded for almost an hour on June 8 this year. It was reported that Mandela survived this incident although it apparently set events in motion that would speed up his deteriorating health. The much loved former South African President was near death from June 8, despite what the government told its people and the world.

The vast majority of the world see the late Nelson Mandela as a man who travelled through the flames to emerge phoenix-like from the ashes of his violent beginnings. After 27 years in prison, he reappeared, wizened, white-haired and wise. He had learned the folly of violence. His message to the world was of peace and Mandela made history when he became the country’s first black president. There were those who felt this peaceful message was a sham, a facade to keep him out of prison and in favor with world leaders, these doubters were in the minority and Madiba became an humanitarian icon for the times.

There are those in South Africa who believe that Mandela’s release from incarceration was part of a “pre-ordained” plan. A precursor to an apocalyptic event that will not only affect South Africa, but, the world. The reason for this belief is because of a South African boer (farmer) named Nicolaas Pieter Johannes “Siener” van Rensburg and his prophecies. The “Siener” comes from the Africaans word for soothsayer or seer. Rensburg was the Nostradamus of South Africa; albeit a bit more modern. Considering that the French astrologer and physician died in 1566 and the boer Rensburg died in 1926 the South African “Siener” had a closer look at future world events than Nostradamus.

Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution
Nicholass “Siener” Rensburg !864 – 1926.

Rensburg was first and foremost a farmer. He began as a cattle herder taking time off to fight in various military actions and wars. Firstly in a government military campaign against a rebel Ndebele tribal leader Mapog at 16 years of age. Later he fought in the second Anglo-Boer War and in World War I he joined a rebellious force who opposed South Africa’s entry into the first World War.

It was during WWI that Rensburg began to tell a wider audience of his visions. He predicted about many things and he claimed that he saw Great Britain consumed by flames. By the end of the Maritz Rebellion, instigated by a wish to challenge the country’s army, Nicholaas spent two years in prison before being pardoned for his part in the short civil upheaval.

By this time, his predictions were very well known in South Africa. The farmer made 11 prophecies that came true between the years of 1899 and 1926. These “true” visions are as follows:

* The end result of the Boer War.
* The South African Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.
* Great Britain losing all of its colonies.
* Ireland’s cessation from England.
* The Chernobyl incident in 1986.
* The divorce and death of Lady Diana by car accident.
* The Bosnian Civil War.
* The death of former Prime Minister Dr HF Verwoerd at the hand of a close friend.
* FW de Klerk releasing Nelson Mandela.
* The Necklace Murders committed by blacks against blacks
* A black government ruling South Africa.

There are at least two predictions that have not come true; Japan’s destruction by earthquake and ethnic violence in Russia and Europe. Rensburg’s predictions did not consist of just world events. As noticed by his first “fulfilled” vision, the outcome of the Boer War, he made quite a few prophecies about his native country.

Siener van Rensburg and his connection to Nelson Mandela, as well as his apocalyptic visions of the world after Mandela is buried, has influenced a number of  South African people. Judging by the amount of Chinese who have migrated to the country and the amount of Chinese troops and weapons in, at least one army base, purchased by Yuan; China has been seemingly influenced by the boer’s visions as well.

A portion of the white South African population belong to a group known as “The Suidlanders” who believe almost implicitly in Rensburg’s predictions. While their fellow countrymen are mourning and preparing to attend the late statesman’s funeral. Suidlanders are preparing for evacuation and war; busily mapping out escape routes and gathering more weapons, ammunition and food to weather out the long period of purging that will allegedly begin with Operation Uhuru. Uhuru, which means freedom in Swahili, is the “beginning of the end.”

Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution
Food cache prepared and being added to daily. Photo by author.

According to those who study and believe the boer’s predictions, “xenophobia” is the first step in the “cleansing” of South Africa. Dubbed, in all likelihood incorrectly, as “the night of the Long Knives” this operation will start with black on black violence. It has been reported that black South African’s have already warned other immigrant blacks living in the country to get out or die after Mandela is “in the ground.”

Once these outsiders have been cleared out the white citizens of the country will be massacred. It is this portion of the prediction that varies from Rensburg’s vision. The invention of the “long knives” prediction was started, allegedly, by a Suidlander woman named Johanna Brandt who had her own vision of a bloody war between the tribes of South Africa. She also foretold of a Black on White attack that will occur in Johannesburg.

The entire concept mirrors what took place in Nazi Germany when a two day purge took place between June 30 and July 2, 1934. This purge consisted of, among other things, massive political murders to pave the way for the Nazis to assume complete control of Germany. This purge was brutal, bloody and frightening, it was also not the only purge in history. Other countries have practiced a similar way of removing a portion of the population that they do not like.

The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, for example, murdered nearly two million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979 in support of a Communist agrarian ideal. The 1994 Rwandan Genocide was a genocidal mass slaughter of the Tutsis by the Hutus. In Rwanda, over an almost 100 day time period, Hutus massacred over 500,000 people, as reported by a Human Rights Watch estimate. Other estimates of the final death toll range from 500,000 to 1 million, or approximately 20% of the country’s total population. The Genocide was the end result of centuries filled with ethnic competition and tensions. The Tutsi minority, who ruled Rwanda since time out of mind, were removed by the Hutu majority after they came to power at the end of their rebellion of 1959–62.

Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution
Just two assault rifles from small arsenal that included Glocks and chemical warfare suits. Photo by author.

With this recent “night of long knives” in their own country South African’s are preparing themselves for the worst. Regardless of whether or not the Rensburg event is a reality or an “urban myth” they can feel the atmosphere crackle with the beginning of civil unrest that could claim many lives and disrupt the country’s economy and leave many destitute or dead.

Currently, South Africa is engaged in mourning Nelson Mandela’s death. At the same time, a certain amount of the population who believe in Seiner van Rensburg’s prophecies are preparing for the worst. The Las Vegas Guardian Express knows the limitations of protection that is available for the average citizen. No real army; a police force that suffers from officers who have criminal records and are known for their willingness to take bribes; fellow citizens who are quickly purchasing weapons from the black market around the area; and a puzzling presence of an ever increasing population of Chinese immigrants. With a former South African Army Base being owned by the Chinese government and filled with weapons and Chinese soldiers, it could be that China is there to offer a solution to the local President and his cabinet. China has a foot firmly in the door of South Africa. With their presence the civil unrest could be very short and cost the existing government more than it may want to pay.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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