Republican Sara Legvold for White Supremacists, Apartheid, Deporting Dogs

Republican Party Sara Legvold Apartheid

Keller, Texas– Sara Legvold, Texas State Republican Party Executive Committee member, is in the news again. She is on record supporting apartheid in South Africa, white supremacy, and deporting illegally emigrated pets.

In a recent Facebook status update on the day following the death of Nelson Mandela, Legvold posted the following:

Republican Party Texas State Executive Committee Member

The Executive Committee member, coming out in favor of apartheid in modern South Africa, followed her statements with comments supporting the notion that Mandela was an avowed communist.

She was quickly accused of hyperbole and the misrepresentation of facts surrounding apartheid, the South African unemployment rate, and the country’s current number of AIDS victims by the website Latino Rebels (LR).

Her criticism of South Africa’s former head of state was only one in a series of criticized public statements, however.

LR had been paying close attention to her public communications and what they dug up from her recent past was enough to trigger an immediate response from the Republican Party of Texas (RPT).

What was it that caused the rapid response from the RPT ?

Legvold, herself a Cuban refugee who is a naturalized American citizen, supports white supremacy.

Latino Rebels posted this on their site in an article addressing the nature of her public opinion:

Republican Party Sara Legvold endorses StormFront

As one might expect, her apparent support for an avowed organization that “tells the truth about White supremacy, Aryan racism,” and, “White supremacist ideology,” stirred up controversy on the conservative forums.

Challenged for her association with the group, she defended her post. When it was commented that she had shared a link from the website, she replied,“So what. I bet they would post more accurately than the ones you use.”

Having this sort of dialogue in the public arena forced the Texas Republican Party to release a distancing-statement. Spencer Yeldell, Communications Director for the party wrote directly to the Latino Rebel website stating, “Executive Committee members are entitled to their own opinions that may or may not be aligned with the Republican Party of Texas’ official platform.”

Mr. Yeldell continued by assuring the public that the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) “does not agree with Ms. Legvold’s opinions on this matter,” reminding his audience that the RPT has been “very aggressive” in their outreach efforts to minority communities, specifically citing the recent hire of both an Asian American and African American engagement staff.

Sara Legvold’s comment shortly after Nelson Mandela’s death is not noteworthy by itself. The former South African President has been called many things in his career including “racist,” and “terrorist.”

The Republican Party official, however, has at least one more issue to add to her apartheid statements and affiliation with the StormFront organization. She is an active supporter of the deportation of illegal immigrants—and their dogs.

In June of 2009, The Texas State College Democrats website quoted Ms. Legvold in an article titled “Texas GOP delgates not keen on ‘sensible immigration policy’.”

“No amnesty! No how. No way. Illegal aliens have committed a criminal act.”

She is further recorded as saying, “no compromises, no guest work, until we have our borders under control. I want to deport everybody who is illegal — children, dogs, pets, birds.”

Despite her opinion on the subject of illegal resident animals, white supremacy, apartheid, and the associated blow-back by detractors, the Republican Party Official is unapologetic, especially in regards to her steadfast opposition to any immigration outside the bounds of current U.S. immigration policy.

“My compassion has dried up, just as my tax dollars have dried up.”


By Matt Darjany


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