Finding the Best Approach to Food Key to Weight Loss Success

Food with Lower Carbohydrates Make the Body Leaner

Finding the best personal approach to food is a key to weight loss success. Frustrated dieters may have tried seemingly everything to lose those last fifteen pounds. They go to the gym five days a week to use the latest fitness and exercise equipment. Yoga, Pilates, cardio, and weight lifting fill workout routines. Fitness exercise DVDs from Beach Body and health guides like Men’s and Women’s Health Magazines stack shelves saying now, flip to the diet sections, and watch that body take shape faster. The bottom line is this, exercise plus a healthy diet fuels weight loss.

Processed foods can be a huge contributor to packing on the pounds. The Paleo Diet purports to battle this problem by centering on whole foods that are naturally gluten-free. According to The Paleo Slow Cooker, people have less health issues on this gluten-free diet with benefits to heart health, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and immune disorders. Slow cooking also preserves the much-needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants contained in the foods. The Paleo diet promises weight loss and increased energy.

Dropping fatty foods, but not all of them, can help to lower that Body Mass Index as well. The Raw Food Cookbook and Diet reminds participants that while nuts and seeds contain a high amount of calories, they are also packed with nutrients. It suggests adding nuts, seeds, and olives to dishes just for the rich taste and texture.

The Diet Channel agrees that trans-fats are necessary for a well-rounded nutrition plan. Avocado is this site’s choice produce filled with carotenoids: “Studies have revealed that carotenoids are fat soluble—which means they need a high-fat food, such as an avocado, to be fully absorbed by your body.” The site reminds proponents to use non-saturated oils like canola or vegetable instead of butter.

Fewer carbohydrates can make the body leaner too. A low-carb diet will increase  metabolism because it leaves the consumer feeling less hungry after meals. The Mendocino Press’ Low-Carb Cookbook breaks down the long-term benefits of a low-carb diet like improving dental hygiene, feeling a lot less bloated, and getting more shut-eye at night. Becoming a lean-mean weight loss machine is achievable when exercise is coupled with low-carb intake.

Most people don’t realize the power behind keeping track of food intake. The Low-Carb Cookbook and other diet literature explains that writing down the time of day of cravings and snacks and identifying feelings in the moment helps to curb emotional eating. Humans’ complex brains need a simple, effective diet and exercise regimen. Keeping a pen and paper handy when whipping out the pots and pans or grabbing a quick energy bar from the cabinet can help. Making taking notes a habit will result in losing more weight.

Seeing is really believing. Writing down daily progress in a journal can be helpful, as can taping a calendar to the fridge. Putting a check mark by every task completed for the day can add to the sense of accomplishment. Days may fly by with productivity. These techniques combined with identifying the best individualized approach to food can lead to weight loss success.

The South Beach diet, Mediterranean diet, cabbage soup diet, and fruit diets are also popular weight loss leaders as are  dietary supplement pills. No two bodies are the same. Finding the best personal approach to food consumption is key to meeting weight loss goals. Exercise and fitness regimens fail without a proper healthy diet. Adding a diet plan to  an existing dedicated work out plan can really lead to shedding the final pounds and keeping them off.

By Teria Seah

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  1. Nicolas Morrison   January 3, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Finding the best approach is the key to weight loss, the hardest part is finding one thats right for you and one that you can stick with, You can also check out this video too:

  2. jc   January 2, 2014 at 3:01 pm

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  3. owen   January 2, 2014 at 3:21 am

    How can diabetics become hormone sensitive again?

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