Train Derails on Philadelphia Bridge


A train derails on the Philadelphia Bridge this morning. Exactly seven cars derailed and six of them were carrying crude oil. The other one contained sand according to reports. No injuries have been reported.

The accident occurred around 12. 30 am between South and 34th street. Police and firefighters arrived shortly after the accident.

What exactly caused the derailment remains a mystery.

The Expressway was closed shortly after the accident. Traffic began to move again around 2:30 am.

By Nathan Cranford

NBC Philadelphia

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  1. Katie   January 20, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    Do you realize that you posted a photo of a train derailment that occurred in the Bronx, NY about a month ago in which 4 people died? That is not a photo taken in Philadelphia. You may want to check your sources and remove that image asap. Here is a link to the New York story (with same photo) from ABC News.


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