Researchers in Germany Say Stress Causes Headaches

Researchers in Germany Say Stress Causes Headaches

It has been confirmed by researchers in Germany what the majority of people have basically known all along about headaches, that having too much stress can cause them. Their research report compared individuals who reported having numerous headaches were said to have more stress in their lives when equaled to people who claimed never to experience headaches.

An increase in the level of stress gave rise to more headaches of various kinds, but that result was particularly obvious in people that suffered from tension headaches. The main researcher, Dr. Sara Schramm, who works at University Hospital in Duisburg-Essen, Germany, stated that their discoveries were important because they can help support the modifying of stress management with individuals who suffer from different kinds of headaches. What benefits from any intervention for stress might be somewhat higher in patients who suffer from tension headaches than have migraines. These findings are slated to be presented at a yearly neurology meeting in Philadelphia. The results are considered preliminary until they are printed up in a peer revised journal.

The research team studied information that was over 5,000 people from the ages of 21 to 70. For four times a year for two years, the partakers were asked about what their levels of stress was and how they suffered from headaches. Every time they were asked to evaluate what their stress level was on a scale that ran from zero up to 100 and to count up how many headaches they had suffered from in a month.

Schramm’s group discovered that over 30 percent of the applicants suffered from tension headaches, almost 15 percent suffered from migraines, about 10 percent endured migraines with tension headaches together and over 15 percent suffered from headaches that were unclassified. The individuals who had tension headaches placed their stress levels at about an average of 50 out of 100. For those who had migraines, it was closer to 60 out of 100, and the stress level was also around 60 out of 100 for those who had both tension and migraine headaches.

For those who said they had tension headaches, a 10 point rise on the stress scale was linked with a 6 percent raise in the amount of headaches, the researchers discovered. Among the individuals who had migraines, the number rose 4 percent for a 10 point surge in stress, and for those who had both kinds of headaches, it went up four percent.

In order to make sure that stress was the true cause, Schramm and her associates eliminated other factors that were related to headaches such as smoking, drinking and using drugs. This study just confirmed the broadly held belief that chronic stress was a major factor behind all different types of headaches in both young and older individuals. It was important to pick out the main sources of chronic stress, and find out ways to get rid of or at least control stress better, such as deep breathing, meditation and muscle relaxation procedures. These can all be extremely effective in decreasing the occurrence of the various kinds of headaches, predominantly tension headaches. Such tactics could also help lessen the trouble that headaches cause for people in their quality of life and also the associated costs.

It has been confirmed by researchers in Germany what the majority of people have basically known all along about headaches, that having too much stress can cause them to occur.

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