Malaysia Airlines: Disaster on Top of Disaster

Malaysia Airlines

The horrible incident of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 seems to have become a disaster on top of disaster as the search for the missing aircraft has brought no luck with almost a week since the flight carrying 239 people disappeared. On top of it all, the whole discussion surrounding the incident, the pointing of fingers, passing of blame, and the premature release of information that may potentially have repeatedly given false hope, as well as the theories that have risen as a result of the stolen passports only appears to fuel a fire that only goes to deepen the wounds of those most affected, those whose loved ones have been missing for days. Some people might come to contemplate, while looking at the development of this whole situation, and ask themselves where the ethically appropriate line is drawn in the midst of all of it.

As the families of 239 people, for whom time might perhaps stand still as they find themselves in a limbo of uncertainty, are kept in suspense, every day appears to bring only more questions, more confusion, and perhaps more sorrow as it might appear that the world as mankind has built it may have failed them. Many of those who have experienced deep sorrow would perhaps agree that the worst part of the pain that accompanies it is the lack of closure, the lack of confirmation, and an eternal conflict with the side of oneself that clings on to a sense of “what if?”

Another day of waking up, perhaps after an insufficient sleep that followed hours of insomnia, only to hear of another piece of debris found in the ocean somewhere that might perhaps be from the Malaysia Airlines flight, followed by another report that it turned out not to be.

A day of waking up to voices claiming foul play, because someone was from a place where they could potentially be linked to groups whose interests and causes might drive them to harmful actions.

Another day of the search area yet again expanded to include more of where the aircraft was not supposed to be in the first place.

A day of yet another 8 hours of silence only to hear “we don’t know” as clearly as it has been spoken perhaps more often than one can recall.

Another day of countless news stories echoing the same thing, yet none providing new answers.

A day where perhaps, the ones they love will become the next passenger or crew member who happened to be on board the Malaysia Airlines flight that very day, whose name gets targeted in yet another conspiracy theory.

As several countries participate in what appears to be the search for a needle in a haystack, some people might begin to question whether every day will only reveal more potential flaws and errors in the entire infrastructure of modern-day safety, whether the protocols only provide a false sense of what some might possibly take for granted. Some people might stop and think, as they hug their loved ones, of those who do not share that privilege, hoping that whatever the fate of those on board the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has become, the consequences will have taught mankind enough lessons for it all not to have been in vain, for the future of humanity.

Opinion By Halldor Fannar Sigurgeirsson


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