BREAKING NEWS: Legendary Actor Mickey Rooney Dead at 93

Mickey RooneyMickey Rooney, Hollywood legend since the early dawn of film, died Sunday at age 93 surrounded by family.  Acting since he was young enough to walk, he began his career in vaudeville. Known as the original teen heart-throb, his lengthy career cast him in rolls opposite acting heavyweights like Spencer Tracy, Dean Martin, Lionel Barrymore, and Judy Garland. Rooney and Garland went on to co-star in over 10 hit films together.

One of the last surviving performers of the silent film era, Mickey Rooney went on to star in one of films first hit series, The Hardy Boys, as Andy Hardy. With a career that spanned over 80 years, he worked well into his mid-80’s. In recent years he co-stared in several Disney and Hallmark films and had cameos in films such as The Muppets and Night at the Museum staring Ben Stiller.

Joining the Army in 1944, he served for 21 months until shortly before the end of the war. Mickey Rooney served with the Entertainment Brigade for the remaining course of WWII entertaining over two million troops and earning several civil service awards. Along with his service to his country, he was also a long time activist for animal and human rights, specifically fighting for the rights of the elderly.

Longtime Hollywood playboy, Rooney married eight times, including his first high-profile marriage to Eva Gardner. His last marriage, to singer Jan Chamberlin Rooney, lasted 34 years. Mickey Rooney leaves behind nine children, 19 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren. Rooney was preceded in death by a son, Tim, who died in 2006.

By Kimberly Beller


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  1. lynnhalaby   January 30, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    How sad that Mickey had been used by his Xwife Jan
    And the abuse that he went through in a interview that was aired
    On TV. What was done to him is Elder Abuse this is saddest thing that he had to go through. My gandmother and Joe Yule are were brother and sister
    I am now trying to find Mickey daughters and sons, to let them know that we are here for them,I did see one of his daughters on a show about 3 to 5 years ago. I did not know her but something about her made me watch,the host made a comment that she was funny and then said that her father was Mickey.I know that she is or was living in Fl at the time.
    If anyone can help me connect with her please email me at
    [email protected] I live in Cape Coral FL.
    Lynn Dougherty Halaby


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