Justin Bieber Entourage Accused of Bribing Canadian Border Official

Justin Bieber’s entourage has been accused of using bribery to convince a Canadian border official to allow his crew into the country despite their criminal past. A reported sum of $10,000 was allegedly given to the officer in order for him to look the other way when it came to the criminal convictions of Bieber’s entourage. The $10,000 was awarded by way of multiple backstage passes and VIP packages being given to said officer.

The officer in question reportedly took the bribe, allowing Bieber’s crew to enter the country, disregarding the strict Canadian laws surrounding the entry of those with criminal records. The officer has since been terminated from duty, after which head officers at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) released a statement relaying how serious matters like these were, in addition to severe warnings to those who may consider accepting bribes in the future. Those who are aware of any disorderly conduct occurring within the CBSA are encouraged to report such incidents to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Officials do not have an exact time frame for when the incident occurred, as it was only recently discovered by head officers.The matter was uncovered when some of the Canadian pop star’s friends arrived at the Canadian border expecting similar treatment, of which they were flat-out denied. After speaking with the individuals, officers were informed of the previous breach of protocol surrounding those associated with Bieber, and they immediately sprung into action to rectify the situation. The time of the incident presumably sits around last year, when the Ontario native performed two shows in his native country, which took place in Toronto.

This is only one of the latest incidents in what has become an extensive string of legal troubles for the 20-year-old entertainer. Only a few days ago, he was targeted in a new lawsuit filed by a photographer who claims the singer purposefully orchestrated an attack on him, leading to the planned result of said paparazzo’s camera being destroyed. The alleged incident occurred last November, when Bieber and company were cliff diving off Shipwreck Beach in Hawaii, Florida. Upon realizing the photographer had his camera aimed in Bieber’s general direction, the singer allegedly ordered his bodyguard to corner the man and seize the camera’s memory card through whatever measures necessary.  Aja Oxman claims in the lawsuit that he was lifted up in a choke-hold and slammed against the hood of a car. The bodyguard in question was reportedly booked for fourth degree criminal property damage as well as third degree assault.

The Baby chart-topper also came under fire this month for reportedly cheating on the highly coveted ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, an incident that was recorded on video. It is highly speculated that he used regular lukewarm water instead of ice water, effectively ruining the whole point of the challenge. Upon his second attempt at filming himself doing the challenge, the singer failed to put any actual ice in the bucket even after insisting it was there to begin with, prompting more speculation that he had watered down the bucket with higher temperature water in order to avoid experiencing the full discomfort of the drenching. After finishing the challenge, he went on to enlist United States President Barack Obama, a move which many found disrespectful.

Neither Justin Bieber or his representatives have given any official statement regarding the alleged bribery of a Canadian border official. However, authorities at CBSA have given their confirmation that the officer in question has indeed in terminated from her duties.

by Rebecca Grace

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