President Obama Celebrates 53rd Birthday


Today, U.S. President Barak Obama celebrate’s his 53rd birthday. On this day of celebration, the President is attempting to keep a low profile. After a weekend of golf and time at Camp David, Monday Obama has no scheduled public events and will likely just have just meet with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew for the typical daily meeting and briefing.

During a news conference on August 1, Obama was bombarded with questions ranging from both domestic and international issues as well as questions about policy and politics. Jokingly, the President commented that he thought the questions would be about how he would spend his birthday weekend. After the snub by the press over a lack of birthday questions, Vice President Joe Biden along with other political and world leader joined with many Americans on social media to send the commander-in-chief happy birthday wishes.

Saturday, prior to flying to Camp David, the President spent time on the links. Obama played 18 holes of golf at Andrews Air Force Base (AFB) with friends from his childhood in Hawaii. Bobby Titcomb, Mike Ramos and Greg Orme joined their Presidential friend along with eight other golfers on the AFB course to kick off the birthday weekend festivities.

After golf, Obama flew the 62 miles up to Camp David, the Presidential Retreat near Thurmont, Maryland, where he stayed the night before returning to Washington DC Sunday evening. President Obama returned home prepare for the few Monday meetings scheduled and the low-key celebration of his 53rd birthday.

The Wire reported Monday in an opinion piece about some of the presents that the President likely would not be receiving for his birthday. Some of these things like a Republican alternative to Obamacare, impeachment and immigration reform were jokingly reported to not to among the gift Obama opens Monday evening. However, these items are likely to be on the mind of the President as he eats birthday cake and celebrates with Michelle, Malia and Sasha.

While these unlikely gifts would be a welcome to the President, Obama does have some reason to celebrate. Over the last year, jobless claims have dropped to a near 8-year low and the country’s unemployment rate has dropped to 6.2 percent. It is not world peace, but getting more American’s back into the workforce is something that the President is likely proud of.

Still, with over two years left in Obama’s presidency, the commander-in-chief will exit his birthday celebration to face the ongoing debate with Congress about Obamacare and immigration reform. On top of those important issues, the President now will have a lawsuit against him on his mind that the Republican House members moved forward with and authorized last week.

Being the elected leader of the United States, President Obama having any time to spend with his family could be considered a luxury, even when it is just to celebrate his 53rd birthday. One of the many items facing Obama on his Tuesday schedule is to address the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which started today. Even with the President turning one year older, and keeping a low profile on his birthday, it should not have been unexpected if Obama did drop in on some of the sessions of the summit today.

By Carl Auer

Boston Herald

2 Responses to "President Obama Celebrates 53rd Birthday"

  1. Yvonne   August 6, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    Is this the only president who has ever gone on vacation? Did you have those concerns in the past when other presidents vacationed? Could it be your gripe goes way deeper that the president’s “vacation”? Talk about being disingenuous!!!

  2. Mike moritz   August 4, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    Funny, Barrack and Michelle champion themselves as fighter for the poor, yet send hundreds of millions on vacations to relax. You have to admit, this is the strangest leadership we have ever experienced, the transparency is actually secrets and secret deals, or obstruction of justice through Eric a Holder preventing legal and fair investigations. If the democrats rule after 2016 we are truly a nation of morons and deserve what we get when the economy collapses over the worthless dollar.


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