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World News: GLV Daily Digest for August 13, 2014



The world news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 13, 2014 covers the death of a Brazilian presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos. It also covers the visit of Pope Francis to South Korea, and the first death of a foreign journalist in Gaza in a bomb-disposal accident.

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Dies in Plane Crash

On Wednesday morning Eduardo Campos, a Brazilian presidential candidate, was killed in a plane crash. The private jet, which was carrying the 49-year-old Campos and his entourage, crashed in a residential area of the coastal city of Santos. All seven people on board were killed in the accident which is believed to have occurred due to bad weather at the time.

Campos had a business-friendly platform and recent polls showed that he was in third place, having support of 10 percent of the voters before the October election. Although he was not expected to with the October election, he was seen as one of Brazil’s youngest and brightest political star with potential to become the president in the future. Following Campos death, much is unclear regarding the election which is set to take place on October 5, 2014. Since the somber announcement, many politicians in Brazil have expressed sincere grief for the young and charismatic former governor. Even many of the opponents believed, that Campos was likely to become president someday. Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, announced that all campaigns are suspended for three days as the country mourns the loss.

South Koreans Protest the Visit by Pope Francis

On Tuesday, tens of thousands of South Korean Protestants gathered at a convention centre near Seoul, protesting the upcoming trip of the Catholic Pope for the first time in a quarter of a century. The demonstration was organized by Protestants who are highly anti-Catholic. Participants sought to challenge the recent efforts made by moderate Protestant leaders to resolve the differences between the Protestant and Roman Catholic establishments in the country.

Pope Francis arrives to South Korea on Thursday, August 14th, with this trip being the first papal visit to East Asia in 25 years. While Pope Francis does not believe in extensive pastoral travel around the world, his travel to South Korea is a message of peace and unity. Part of the agenda during his visit is the beatification of the Korean martyrs. He will remain in South Korea for four days, during which he will also issue a message of peace to all Koreans. Pope Francis had planned to make a stop in North Korea, however the authorities of Pyongyang declined his request to visit the state.

Italian Journalist Killed in Bomb-Disposal Accident

During the third day of peace between Hamas militants and Israel, a bomb-disposal unit in Gaza made their way to defuse the unexploded-ordnance fired by Israel in the weeks before. The unit was accompanied by the crew from the Associated Press (AP). Two journalists, an Italian videographer and a local Palestinian who was helping with translation and arrangements, as well as four members of the bomb disposal squad were killed as the bomb accidentally detonated. A photographer for AP was also injured in the blast.

The Associated Press has confirmed the report, stating that 35-year-old Simone Camilli has worked with the AP since starting there as an intern in 2005. He is survived by his partner, Ylva van den Berg and their 3-year-old daughter. Camilli is the first foreign journalist killed in Gaza since the conflict begun on July 8.

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