Truck Driver Arrested in Connection With 37,000 Pounds of Rotten Chicken


Idaho authorities tracked down and arrested Christopher Hall, 42 on Friday in connection with an abandoned truckload of rotten chicken. According to the Associated Press, Hall picked up the 37,000-pound truckload of chicken in Springdale, AR on Aug. 20 and he was scheduled to make delivery in Kent, WA the following day.

While in route, Hall called the Dixie River Freight company numerous times requesting payment in advance, but they refused and the load never made it to the destination point. The freight company reported the truck missing on Aug. 27 and it was later found on Sept. 24 at a truck stop west of Missoula, Montana.

By that time, the truckload of chicken was rotten and juices were running from the rear of the trailer into the parking lot. The Missoula County Health Department stepped in and handled the cleanup. Holes in the trailer were plugged and it was transported to a landfill where the load was dumped and covered.

While no charges have been filed, as of yet, Hall faces theft charges for abandoning the $80,000 load of chicken.

By Donna W. Martin

Associated Press
Photo by Jessica Reeder – Flickr

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