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Samsung Gear S: New Smart Watch Review


Samsung Gear S

The latest gear in the Samsung canon of smart phone accessories is the Samsung Gear S smart watch. Unlike the other Samsung Galaxy smart watches, this one enables the user to make calls from it, as it comes with a SIM card slot. Along with that, it supports up to 3G wireless technology. Samsung announced recently that it is available on all major U.S. cellular carriers come fall.

A review for the gadget geeks as well as the not-so-tech-savvy must include design features: Samsung Gear S is the classiest and sleekest device in the Samsung smart watch set. Its two-inch super AMOLED curvy display is very sporty and easy to the eye. It elegantly fits the wrist. There is a front button to this device much like their previous smart watch models. There is also a home button to get to menus and other apps, but one can also swipe the display screen. There is a Sim-slot under the Samsung Gear S just like the regular watch battery slot. Ratings: 2/3

Technology and Specs: For the tech-savvy, this smart watch offers some interesting options with an on-screen soft keyboard, a heartbeat monitoring system, barometer sensors, a motion data tracking meter, UV, ambient light, email answering capability and a speech-tottext converter called “S voice.” The Gear S can send and receive messages, originate and receive voice calls using 3G wireless technology, supports all Android apps and has full GPS technology.

The major drag of the Samsung Gear S is the speakerphone-only feature for voice calls, which causes an absolute lack of privacy and a public nuisance. Samsung Gear S uses a proprietary Tizen OS and needs a Samsung smart phone with the latest Android 4.3 for sync and so, Samsung Gear S can not be considered as a smart watch by itself. Rating: 1.5/3

Battery Life: In addition to its high-tech features, Samsung Gear S also possesses a decent battery life, thanks to the on-board 300 mAh battery. An additional charger mount with a 350 mAh really makes this device unique compared to older models. This mount helps the Gear S to recharge quickly, giving the smart watch a durable battery life. Rating: 1.5/2

Apps: The Tizen operating system of the smart watch has more than 1000 apps, according to Samsung. But the Gear S also has an extensive selection of inbuilt apps already availableranging from Nike Fitness apps to the navigation system app to a round-the-clock news app. It also comes with the Samsung S Health app. All in all, the smart watch has comprehensive apps for all ages. Rating: 1/1

Price: With its stylish look and additional features, the Gear S will be more expensive than previous Samsung smart watches. It is expected to be in a similar price range with Apple’s $350 smart watch.  Rating: 0/1

Final Say: It is true that innovation drives the world, but is the Samsung Gear S as innovative as Mark Twain’s new type machine, of which he said, “It prints faster than I write… it piles an awful stack of words on a page.” No, not quite. Samsung Gear S is a step closer to a full-fledged smart watch. Overall Rating: 6/10.

By Vikas Sharma Vemuri


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