Samsung Gear S: New Smart Watch Review

Samsung Gear S

The latest gear in the Samsung canon of smart phone accessories is the Samsung Gear S smart watch. Unlike the other Samsung Galaxy smart watches, this one enables the user to make calls from it, as it comes with a SIM card slot. Along with that, it supports up to 3G wireless technology. Samsung announced recently that it is available on all major U.S. cellular carriers come fall.

A review for the gadget geeks as well as the not-so-tech-savvy must include design features: Samsung Gear S is the classiest and sleekest device in the Samsung smart watch set. Its two-inch super AMOLED curvy display is very sporty and easy to the eye. It elegantly fits the wrist. There is a front button to this device much like their previous smart watch models. There is also a home button to get to menus and other apps, but one can also swipe the display screen. There is a Sim-slot under the Samsung Gear S just like the regular watch battery slot. Ratings: 2/3

Technology and Specs: For the tech-savvy, this smart watch offers some interesting options with an on-screen soft keyboard, a heartbeat monitoring system, barometer sensors, a motion data tracking meter, UV, ambient light, email answering capability and a speech-tottext converter called “S voice.” The Gear S can send and receive messages, originate and receive voice calls using 3G wireless technology, supports all Android apps and has full GPS technology.

The major drag of the Samsung Gear S is the speakerphone-only feature for voice calls, which causes an absolute lack of privacy and a public nuisance. Samsung Gear S uses a proprietary Tizen OS and needs a Samsung smart phone with the latest Android 4.3 for sync and so, Samsung Gear S can not be considered as a smart watch by itself. Rating: 1.5/3

Battery Life: In addition to its high-tech features, Samsung Gear S also possesses a decent battery life, thanks to the on-board 300 mAh battery. An additional charger mount with a 350 mAh really makes this device unique compared to older models. This mount helps the Gear S to recharge quickly, giving the smart watch a durable battery life. Rating: 1.5/2

Apps: The Tizen operating system of the smart watch has more than 1000 apps, according to Samsung. But the Gear S also has an extensive selection of inbuilt apps already availableranging from Nike Fitness apps to the navigation system app to a round-the-clock news app. It also comes with the Samsung S Health app. All in all, the smart watch has comprehensive apps for all ages. Rating: 1/1

Price: With its stylish look and additional features, the Gear S will be more expensive than previous Samsung smart watches. It is expected to be in a similar price range with Apple’s $350 smart watch.  Rating: 0/1

Final Say: It is true that innovation drives the world, but is the Samsung Gear S as innovative as Mark Twain’s new type machine, of which he said, “It prints faster than I write… it piles an awful stack of words on a page.” No, not quite. Samsung Gear S is a step closer to a full-fledged smart watch. Overall Rating: 6/10.

By Vikas Sharma Vemuri


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4 Responses to "Samsung Gear S: New Smart Watch Review"

  1. Eke Dubois   October 3, 2014 at 9:37 am

    This article should be taken down. Thank you Bill for jumping in so quickly!

    The Gear S represents a GIANT leap in wearable technology, is beautifully crafted and so deserves respect.

    This article is an insult to intelligence at large and truly reflects no day-to-day real life hands on experience whatsoever.

    Important to mention the Gear S focusses on connectivity uptime. To do so, it is equipped with Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G. An actual Smart Watch user will tell you how much this is fantastic news.

    Bill’s point is important. You can pair a bluetooth headset to the Gear 2 and Gear S, but what’s convenient worth mentioning as well is the instant transfer of a call from watch to phone and phone to watch after pick up. It turns out to be very practical in many events of daily life.

    As a happy user of the Gear 2, I know how much convenient the device is and how much the Gear S will improve furthermore my daily operations… Bigger and naturally bent screen , Wifi and 3G, onscreen keyboard, are very practical answers to current minor challenges for the wearable lovers like me.

  2. Bill Mitchell   October 3, 2014 at 7:40 am

    Wow, this article is so full of errors I wonder why you even bothered. The Gear S IS bluetooth compatible so you can use a bluetooth headset (like the Moto Hint) to make and receive voice calls.

    You give the impression you can make calls ONLY using the speakerphone. Huh?

    Based upon your use of the WRONG PICTURE and WRONG SPECS I wonder if you researched this at all before publishing? I’m wondering if your 6/10 rating resulted from not having any idea what you are talking about?

  3. Bill Mitchell   October 3, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Um, why are you using an image of the Gear in an article about the Gear S?

    • Bob Jager   October 4, 2014 at 7:20 am

      Bill, the reason is…have you ever heard of Single Point of Failure (SPOF)? Well in this case it’s very typical as in the outsourced technical industry. The outsourced technical industry uses LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Indian (from India, dots not feathers) labor for coding. In said industry, we have come to know “issues” (defects) as SIOF…Single INDIAN of Failure. In this case, the idiot article author is…you got it, a failure. Oh, and Indian…Vikas Sharma Vemuri


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