Grimm: Highway of Tears (Recap/Review)


“There is no mercy in you. You cut off the heads of men and women and these you wear as a garland around your neck.”

After five episodes of painful stalling, there is only one thing to say about the Highway of Tears episode of Grimm: finally! It has been a long journey for powerless Nick and it was about time that he becomes a Grimm again.

In the previous episode, Juliette told Nick that he must become a Grimm again and that she is ready to drink that potion. So, Elizabeth comes and after she mixes the potion, Juliette inhales it through that hat and she turns into Adalind. She and Nick spend a night together, but the next day, he still does not have his powers back. Before Juliette transforms into herself again, she collapses due to some severe pain in her lower abdomen. The pain comes back later, but because she immediately feels better, Juliette soon forgets about it.

Meanwhile, Hank and Nick are working on a kidnapping case. When they arrive to the crime scene, Nick connects some dots and he realizes that he was working on a similar case six years ago. A couple was kidnapped then and they were never found. This time, kidnappers also planned to take both man and woman, but after the car accident, she was stuck and they could only take the man. Nick and Hank go to the trailer and they find out that they are dealing with Phansigar, a type of Wessen that sacrifices young couples to Kali every three years. Since Nick still does not have his Grimm powers back, he asks Monroe for his help. However, he does not want to leave Rosalee alone after what happened, so Juliette and Trubel come to the spice shop in order to look after his wife.

Nick and Hank follow the lead and they head to a junkyard, which was bought just a little before the disappearances began. Deputy Sheriff Farris, who is also helping on the case, is already there, but two guys hit her and they throw her into a grave, where they intend to bury her and the kidnapped man alive. Monroe, Hank and Nick get there just in time, since the ritual has already began. However, Nick gets a terrible headache, so Monroe and Hank try to deal with the three Phansigars alone. They fail and they both end up trapped, but luckily, Nick starts feeling better and in one moment, he realizes that he can see Wessen again. Finally! He kicks Phansigar’s asses and Monroe is more than happy when Nick tells him that he got his Grimm powers back. Yes!

While Nick finally becomes a Grimm again, Adalind tells Victor that it was Nick’s mother who rescued her and when she gives Victor some more details, he tells the Hexenbiest that he now knows who has her baby. Well, he is not the only one, who will be looking for Nick’s mother, since Elizabeth also wishes to find her in order to meet her granddaughter.

Highway of Tears episode closes with Trubel, who tells Nick that they have a problem. When they come home, Nick finds Josh, who is sitting in the corner with a machete in his hands. Since Josh had no place else to go, he came to Nick’s house and it will be interesting to see what plans do the creators of Grimm have with him in the upcoming episodes. However, the most important thing is that Nick is a Grimm again and the show finally got its purpose back.

By: Janette Verdnik


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