George Bush Senior Hospitalized For Breath Shortness, Remains in Care

Former President George H.W. Bush was taken to hospital yesterday night as a precautionary measure regarding having experienced shortness of breath at some point in the evening. It is not yet known what he was doing when this health scare occurred, or if it was merely a scare or something more serious.

Upon medical professionals being called to the scene, the 90-year-old was brought to Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas. After examination, spokesman Jim McGrath says the decision was made to hold him there for further observation, again as a precaution. Earlier today, McGrath released a second statement revealing that the 41st POTUS is continuing to remain in the hospital and that there is not yet any new news to report.

This is not the first time that the Massachusetts native has spent time in the hospital following a health scare. Two years ago, Bush was admitted to the same hospital in order to be treated for complications surrounding bronchitis and similarly related ailments, and he remained in care for over two months. The situation got so bad that for a while Bush was believed to be on his deathbed, with his friends and family surrounding him as his health became graver and it did not seem as though he was going to make it through.

He managed to make a full recovery, however, and was released from HMH after seven weeks of treatment. He celebrated his 90th birthday back in June, choosing to celebrate by making a tandem parachute jump while on vacation in Kennebunkport, Maine (a small, portside town which gained extreme worldwide notoriety following Bush’s visit.)

The former President is the oldest one still living, and is in relatively good health despite the recent health scares and the fact that he lost the use of his legs quite some time ago. He filled one term as POTUS, from 1989-1993, before being succeeded by Bill Clinton (Clinton went on to serve as President from 1993-2001.) His marriage to his wife Barbara stands as the longest running presidential marriage in history, with the couple set to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on January 6, 2015.

Bush’s time as President of the United States was significantly less controversial and disapproved of than that of his son, George W. Bush. The 43rd POTUS held a seat in the oval office from 2001-2008, although there is still much speculation that he only truly won the first time. A majority of disgruntled Americans, as well as many individuals and groups all throughout the world believe that the results of his second term were rigged, and that the title should have been awarded to Democratic Senator John Kerry. Bush’s eight year reign was riddled with conflict and what most saw as poor decisions in the wake of various disasters, most significantly 911 and Hurricane Katrina. His self-launched “War On Terror” campaign, which was an international military endeavor that resulted in the almost nine year-long war in Iraq, and the still ongoing war in Afghanistan.

George H.W. Bush’s release from Houston Methodist Hospital has yet to occur. However, spokesperson Jim McGrath is remaining committed to alerting the public with any new updates that come his way.

By Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post
Photo by Donald Gregory Dughi

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