Stepdad of Michael Brown May Face Charges



Michael Brown’s stepdad may be facing charges after his reaction to the grand jury decision. He is under investigation by authorities for attempting to start a riot. After the verdict was announced Louis Head did not hold back as he screamed to a crowd of protesters “Burn this —- down” after embracing his wife. His outburst drew instant attention when it first appeared on footage from The New York Times.

Tom Jackson, Ferguson Police Chief, told Fox News that charges may be coming for Head. According to Jackson an investigation has ensued and his comments were being discussed. Jackson did not offer any more details. Citing Jackson, CNN reported law enforcement had questioned people who were around the stepdad but had not questioned him.

The Brown’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump denounced his client’s actions but asked for leniency in light of the situation. He called the outburst inappropriate but stressed not to condemn him. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder frequently demanded the stepdad’s arrest. The notion has gone viral with Ashley Angell demanding he be charged for inciting a riot. Scott Wiley considered the charges an open and shut case. Kevin Dean, a New Haven, Connecticut. divinity student stated that the investigators should investigate themselves.

According to authorities, the stepdad is not the only person they are investigating but he may face a charge for being one of the main agitators that spurned the rioting and looting said Jeff Small, Ferguson spokesman. Nearly 15 minutes after the announcement St. Louis County Police were tweeting initial reports of looting. In the aftermath, rows of buildings lay burnt and police cars were engulfed in flames. The fire department was unable to keep up with all the fires.

Gov. Jay Nixon, on Tuesday, said the National Guard would be decreased due to improving conditions. Gradually the National Guard has been scaling back operations but still assist local authorities in some locations like Ferguson. Approximately 1200 Guardsmen stayed there Tuesday.

Jackson told Sean Hannity that multiple agencies were investigating the stepdad’s remarks. He could not elaborate any further than to say that anyone that was responsible for the chaos that ensued should be prosecuted. The investigation into Head’s outburst is part of a larger investigation into the violence that gripped the city the night the grand jury declined to indict Darren Wilson.

Brown’s mother stood behind the stepdad’s response. Lesley McSpadden, Head’s wife, denied that her husband’s words “single-handedly” started the looting and rioting. She cited the fact that there have been multiple nights of rioting since the death of Michael Brown.

Hours after Wilson shot Brown, protests shook Ferguson. As news of the killing spread, the crowds got bigger. When the decision was announced, the frustrations erupted again with shooting, looting, and destruction of public and private property.

As is customary, police will conclude their investigation and present their findings to prosecutors but no timetable was given. Prosecutors will then make the decision to pursue the charges. According to Tom Fuentes, CNN law enforcement analyst, the chances of finding him guilty were slim so pursuing the case would be unlikely. He stated there was the possibility that many of the people who were in Ferguson for the verdict already had set their minds on mayhem. CNN legal analyst, Hostin, said the community response should be weighed as well. The impact from the stepdad facing the charges may be explosive.

By Stevenson Benoit


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