GMO Apples and Potatoes Authorized by FDA

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now authorized genetically modified foods (GMO), namely select types of apples and potatoes, to be sold in grocery stores. Therefore, customers will now be able to purchase apples that do not brown and go soft and potatoes that will not go bad. Thus, making the process of buying fruits and vegetables more cost effective. The FDA approved GMOs on Friday, saying they are just as safe and nutritious as naturally grown produce.

The approval of the GMOs consisted of six different kinds of potatoes grown in Boise, Idaho. The company supplying the potatoes was J.R. Simplot. As well, two varieties of apples were approved from Okanagan Friuts Inc., based in Canada. Simplot’s produce goes by the name of “Inate.” Okanagan’s fruits are called “Arctic Apples.” Both reviews were completely voluntary, according to FDA officials. Though, both companies wanted to ensure their potential customers that their GMO produce met safety standards and were just as healthy as organic foods.

By Alex Lemieux


San Jose Mercury News

Photo by Wayne Marshall – Flickr License