Police Arrest Man in Alabama After Four Hour Standoff


Police in Bessemer, Alabama have just arrested a man after a four hour standoff. The man, armed with a bow and arrow, fired at officers as they arrived at his apartment complex. The police returned fire at the man who was perched up on the balcony of his apartment. Immediately after the officers returned fire, the man ran back into his apartment. That is when the standoff started.

Law enforcement was called to the Timberline Apartments to look into a domestic violence situation. After the officers formed a perimeter, they evacuated the surrounding area. Attempts to reason with the man initially fell on deaf ears, as he continued to resist.

After the four hour standoff, the police eventually charged into the mans apartment and arrested him. Their was nobody else in the apartment and nobody was injured during the standoff. The man will be charged with criminal mischief and attempted murder for the part he played in the standoff with law enforcement.

By James Dixson


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Photo by: rolesnevich – Flickr License