North Miami Officers Exchange Gunfire With Man Carrying Assault Rifle

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Several Miami police districts are attempting to surmise an incident that involved a shooting and a car chase on Tuesday morning that began in Miami. The incident, ending in North Miami, left two individuals wounded, including a passer-by. At around 10:00 a.m., police had cordoned off sections of 79th Street in downtown, from Northeast Fourth Avenue to Northwest Sixth Avenue.

According to local sources, a law enforcement officer was doing a routine traffic stop near a gas station on 79th Street, when a man got out of his car and began firing upon the officer with an assault rifle. The officer quickly returned fire. In the exchange, neither of the men were hit.

Law enforcement officials stated an innocent bystander was hit in the exchange of shots, and taken to a local hospital. The man who initiated the shooting at the officer then got into the police car and fled east, near Biscayne Boulevard. A bystander went over to the officer to assist in the fear that he was shot. Though, the officer was not injured, only shaken up.

As the suspect was fleeing, an individual in a nearby vehicle was hit by the exchange of gunfire in North Miami at 15th Avenue and Northeast 123rd Street. Afterwards, police surrounded the suspect, trading gunfire. The suspect was then shot, apprehended, and then taken to the hospital for his injuries. North Miami officers are still attempting to figure out what caused the man to open fire after the traffic stop.

By Alex Lemieux


Miami Herald

Photo by Bob B. Brown – Flickr License

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