President Barack Obama Speaks About Baltimore Violence


On Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave his criticisms against the people rioting in the streets of Baltimore, due to the alleged police brutality with the late Freddie Gray. Obama referred to many of the people in the streets to be “criminals” and “thugs.” He argued that a breadth of societal changes must be taken on to address the foundation of the underlying tensions that exist between local police and the African-American community.

Obama explained that mending the problems that have occurred in Baltimore, Ferguson, and other cities will require difficult political choices on criminal justice, education, and economic investment. His remarks revealed that some neighborhoods in large metropolitan areas have been overlooked. He believes if the American public is serious about finding the solution to the problem, then it must encompass all of society. He feels in the past few years that attention to the aforementioned areas has ended in neglect. “And we don’t just pay attention when a CVS burns,” Obama said.

Furthermore, Obama stated the events that are currently transpiring in Baltimore are not statement for justice. “It’s a handful of people taking advantage of the situation,” he stated.

By Alex Lemieux


Baltimore Sun

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  1. lesa lane   April 29, 2015 at 5:07 am

    As to the comment that we need to get more resources in the urban communities, well we can not help them unless they want to help themselves. So many are on welfare becaue they do not want to work when they can live off the government. So 1 step would be to cut off welfare after 4 months, if they know they can not live off it forever then they will make more of an effort to find work. After 2 children they do not get any more money no matter how many children they have, then people will stop having kids they can not support or feed. More after school activities need to be offered and at the same time all middle and high schools should have on hands programs that teach children how to make a living, such as mechanics, welding, carpentry and so on so when they graduate they have some kind of skill. In this day and time with college so expensive these kids needs to learn a trade. Neighborhood need to be cleaned up, empty houses need to be sold or demolished. Patrols should be tighter in rougher neighborhoods. But the main problem is the war on drugs, as long as drugs keep pouring in gangs and violence will continue. Prison sentances should be tougher on drug pushers.


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