‘America’s Got Talent’ 10th Season Premiere CBS Tonight!

America's Got Talent

The 10th Anniversary of America’s Got Talent (AGT) kicks off tonight on CBS at 8:00 p.m. EST. Nick Cannon with be hosting again this year, joined by judges Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Mel B.

This year, America’s Got Talent has planned an ‘Extreme Season.’ There are types of talent that have not been aired on the show before, including international acts. The show is auditioning acts that were on on the other ‘Got Talent’ shows as well, and AGT has added acts that can only be described as, over the top, Cannon told CBS.

America’s Got Talent features a wide assortment of variety acts that includes every age. Each performer is competing for the $1 million prize. The Golden Buzzer, this year, will give the judges the power to send four talented groups, or individuals, straight to the live performance rounds of the competition. The live performances will be held at Radio City Music Hall.

This season seems to be channeling performers to Las Vegas and cruise ships. America’s Got Talent will offer viewers the rare opportunity to see the variety shows Americans enjoy and offer performers a possible platform to find employment.

Contestants that will be on AGT include Pyro Boy, The Regurgitator, Siro, Joanna Kennedy, X-Treme Yoga, Drew Lynch and Milkman. The audience will also see Nick Cannon kiss a girl on stage. It is possible that previous acts from AGT will make special appearances to help CBS celebrate the 10th Anniversary of AGT. America's Got Talent

According to Howard Stern, AGT is only in its fourth season, not its 10th Anniversary, as Stern was not a judge on America’s Got Talent until 2012. Although, Stern adds that every other person would call this season AGT’s 10th Anniversary.

It may still be fresh in the minds of some, but Howard Stern joining the judges’ panel made quite a stir, because it is a family friendly event. Howard Stern is known for saying whatever creates the biggest reaction, as legendary radio’s “shock jock.” Stern, 61, believed he would make a great judge. He has had a long career in show business that would make him ideal to evaluate acts. Stern is also a humongous fan of AGT. Stern admitted the show is not easy to judge, as there are not any hard and fast rules to follow.

Howie Mandel says that he was also a fan of America’s Got Talent and watched the show religiously for four years. Mandel says that what he does as a judge on the show now, he did from his living room, on the couch, in his underwear. Now, however, he is required to wear pants.

Cannon says he has the best summer job, as the ringmaster of AGT. He has to handle a lot of responsibilities, such as, dealing with four very different outspoken judges, juggle performances to prepare to go onstage, but he says it only appears as it is all in his hands, the producers and the crew are working harder. However, Cannot is paid well for his ringmaster efforts. Nick Cannon earns $70,000 per AGT episode.

America’s Got Talent will premiere its first season 10 event extravaganza. The show will be on CBS at 8:00 p.m. EST.

By Jeanette Smith


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