Android Users Can Now See Clearly With Periscope

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Android users can now video stream more clearly with the latest addition of the Periscope app. The live video streaming app debuted on the iPhone two months ago, but in an announcement made on Twitter on Tuesday, May 26th, Android users learned they too could get in on the streaming fun.

Android users will find that their patience has been rewarded by Twitter, who snapped up Periscope from developers Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in March 2015 for a reported $100 million. Being rudely interrupted by a phone call or text message while watching a video stream will now no longer be as much as a problem, with the option to return to the stream where one left off. On top of this, replays can be now be saved without the need to upload a new video file. Iphone users will find that they are not privy to such ease of use, as these improvements are currently restricted to the Android model only. Android users running a 4.4 or above will find that they can use all the most loved features from Periscope, such as public or private broadcasting, broadcaster interaction and restrictions on follower comments, but they are also gaining more control over their notification settings than iPhone users. New functions allow Android users to have what Twitter refers to as “granular control over additional Push notification settings, such as First Time Broadcast Notifications”.

Twitter launched the Periscope as a rival to Meerkat, the video streaming app by developers Life on Air Inc., that saw great popularity when it launched in February and generated huge support at the SXSW festival the following month. In a controversial twist, Twitter has launched Periscope not long after blocking Meerkat from accessing it’s social graph, causing the live streaming service to be unable to see who follows who on the social media site. This is fundamental to the operating of the app, but Meerkat founder Ben Rubin claims he is not unduly worried, “It is a little bit harder for us to build a community around new uses,” he said, ” but we’ve already put some solutions in place.”


While Meerkat rushes to find it’s footing again in a field that is clearly moving at a phenomenal pace, Android users are set to see more clearly with Periscope and receive all the benefits Twitter can throw at it. Of the celebrity endorsements Periscope has received so far, the videos of Illusionist David Blaine and Supernatural’s computer nerd Felicia Day are proving most popular, with the most ‘hearts’ acquired by followers. This comes as no surprise, as the app has all the features ready to propel the celebrity bandwagon as well as create new stars, just like Youtube did for the popularity of vloggers and how Vine has turned housewives into household names. Amanda Oleander, a professional artist from Los Angeles, signed up to Periscope within two days of it’s launch and is already being hailed as the Kim Kardashian of the live video streaming world. She can be seen discussing everything from her work to her fashion sense and has already amassed quite a male following.

So, as Android users flock to see what all the fuss is about with the new Periscope app, only time will tell if Meerkat can keep up or if the giant of social media, Twitter, will knock it off it’s perch once and for all. With ease of access and ease of use, the new Android app Periscope is clearly one to watch.

By Alison Klippenstein


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