Microsoft Pushes Back Windows 10 Launch Date by One Month; Prices Out, Pre-Order Begins [Update]

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It has just been learnt that Microsoft has initiated the process of present users of Windows 7, and Windows 8 reserving their free upgrade to Windows 10 operating system. It has been clarified by the company that the free upgrade will be available for one year from the global launch of Windows 10. Only users of authentic and licensed versions of the Windows operating systems will qualify for the free upgrade. Microsoft has not yet revealed the date of the launch, which is scheduled for summer 2015. However, it is believed that the PC version will be launched before the mobile phone version.

Many users have received the new message ‘Get Windows 10’ on their computers. It can be seen as a Start button icon in the notification area on the taskbar. Reportedly, users of Windows 8.1 have not received the message so far. The update from the technical desk is that the notification is received by those who have updated their PCs with KB3035583. The same update is the key for Windows 10 upgrades. KB3035583 was released in March 2015 and people who get regular Automatic Updates, would have certainly received it. Users who have not received the prompt, need to check if they have installed the update. For users who do not wish to reserve and install their free upgrades to Windows 10, would need to uninstall the update KB3035583.

It has been reported that Microsoft may have pushed back the release date of Windows 10, the last operating system from the Windows range, by one month, while the pricing details of the OS have been revealed and pre-order has begun. Just a few days back, it was reported in worldwide media, that Windows 10 might be launched in the last week of July 2015. To be precise, July 29, was being talked about in many circles as the date for the big launch of Windows 10.

Now, a listing spotted on a vendor’s website suggests otherwise, as the release date mentioned is August 31, 2015. The website has also mentioned the pricing details for two versions of Windows 10. The listing states that the OEM versions of Windows 10 Professional would be priced at $149.99 and Windows 10 Home for $109.99. The website is allowing people to place orders before the mega launch, and be the first to receive the versions of Windows 10 operating system once it gets released. It was also informed that the OEM versions of Windows 10 are being offered at discounted rates. The retail editions of the OS are expected to be priced at higher rates.

MicrosoftAs per sources, August 31, 2015, is also the date when Windows 10 is scheduled to be released to hardware manufacturers. The retail vendor website,, in an effort to cash in on the unprecedented anticipation for Windows 10, may have leaked the actual release date of the OS. Microsoft is getting ready to go all in with this last operating system, as confirmed by its top executives. The company is betting heavily on transitioning from the business of launching new versions of operating system at every interval, to providing Windows 10 as a service. It will be available to users as one platform on which they could sync all their devices like PCs, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, etc.

The expectation from Microsoft and its product, Windows 10, among users from all quarters around the world, is sky-high. The company is not taking any chances with the design, working style, and security features of the operating system. The team of programmers and developers has reportedly stopped adding any new apps and features to the OS. They are presently only working on eliminating bugs and handling the crash reports of Windows 10. The executives at Microsoft have not yet confirmed any particular date for the release of Windows 10. They have time and again reiterated their previous statement, that the operating system will be released worldwide in summer 2015.

MicrosoftThis is a strategy adopted by Microsoft to give itself some elbow room to finish work on the OS, without having to miss the scheduled date. Contradicting earlier reports that Windows 10 would be released in the last week of July, it has been confirmed by one of the vendor websites that the OS would be released on August 31, 2015. This suggests that Microsoft may have pushed back the release date of Windows 10 by one month, as the pricing detail for two of its versions is out now, and pre-order for the software has begun.

The spokesperson at Microsoft has declined to either confirm or deny the authenticity of the listing on the vendor’s website. It was however mentioned again that the company was planning to launch the software in summer 2015. It was also worth noting that the spokesperson said that the company looks forward to sharing more information related to the upgrade to Windows 10 being offered at a later date.

This could possibly mean that the free upgrade to Windows 10 for the present users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, may be offered after a few weeks or months of the global launch of Windows 10. It was also reiterated that the only users who will be offered a free upgrade to the latest version of the OS, are the ones currently using a licensed and authentic version of the Windows operating systems. Going by previous reports, Microsoft may have pushed back the release date of Windows 10 by one month, as the pricing details of the OS are out and pre-orders have begun.

By Ankur Sinha

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