NBA Playoffs: Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks Face-Off?

Houston Rockets

After falling down to just four teams the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Atlanta Hawks, the Houston Rockets, the Golden State Warriors, two will be left behind now as the NBA playoffs will feature a face-off between the top two teams, once the conference games are over. Though odds currently seem to be against it, many are wondering if the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks will face-off, a first in NBA playoff history. Though the Rockets played the Hawks in a semi-finals, Western Division game in 1969, they lost four to two. Surprisingly enough to not see Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers in the running, NBA viewers have been given much to think about when deciding who they think will go on to Rocketsthe playoffs in 2015. So far, the Rockets are down by three and the Hawks down by two. Though the teams may still be able to bring it back to go to the playoffs, the whole thing may end up going to the Cavaliers and Warriors.

The tables seem turned in the 2015 NBA season. Teams that usually do very well in the season had bad seasons this year, and teams that normally struggle a little were able to make it to the top. Predictions show that the Cavaliers will win the next game and that the Rockets will win the fourth game as they fight hard to bring it back from their 3-0. As the Rockets have made it to the NBA Playoffs many times before, since the inception of their team, being able to make it to a chance at the championship should not be that hard for them. However, as they have struggled in their conference games, it appears that they may not be able to make it this year. The Warriors, whose last Championship was in 1975 when they humiliated the Washington Bullets in a four game sweep, look to be able to win for a move to the final playoffs game, if the Rockets can, in fact, not bring their game back. Many do believe a comeback is possible as they came back in a 3-1 against the Los Angeles Clippers, being the 9th team in NBA history to do such, according to sources.

Many are claiming that some of the players have just had “off” days, and all four teams are dealing with injuries, so there is still a chance that the Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks will face-0ff in the NBA playoffs, for a chance to win a championship. This, of course, also depends on the win that comes from the other side. As the Cavaliers and Hawks still have games left in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Hawks do still have a chance to win, though predictions are against them. As the Cleveland Cavaliers just played two away games, they have now returned to a possible advantage at home. The Cavaliers who have played pretty well in the 2014 – 2015 season have seen their ups and downs, but now they just need more ups if they are to win the remaining conference games. Fans are counting on LeBron James to bring out his A-game and bring the team to victory. However, predictions also show that Tristan Thompson will be Cleveland’s “unsung hero.” Specializing on high rebound numbers, sources state Thompson does the “dirty work” for the team so that the other players can also bring out their best.

Despite the odds being against them, the NBA playoffs game could still feature a face-off between the Atlanta Hawks and the Houston Rockets. If both teams can bring it back from their losses, they can go on to the championship. If predictions are right, however, then the playoffs game will feature the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Then again all bets could be wrong and the playoffs for 2015 could feature the Warriors and the Hawks, or the Rockets and the Cavaliers. Who will face-off for the championship? Games are set to continue until Tuesday the 26th but can go to game eight on the 31st, if needed. Fans can continue watching games between the Warriors and Rockets and the Hawks and Cavaliers.

By Crystal Boulware


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