Tornado in South Dakota Leads to State of Emergency Being Called


A vicious tornado in Delmont, South Dakota has led to Governor Dennis Daugaard calling a state of emergency. Nine people are said to be injured at this time, and the damage caused to the city is severe.

The announcement was made earlier via Twitter, and KELOLAND reporter Brady Mallory also took to his own social media account to update the public on the situation; seven of the nine individuals who were hurt are said to have been released from the hospital, and as of right now there is still no one listed as having died from the natural disaster.

The tornado itself occurred shortly before 11am Sunday, March 10. Many of the homes in Douglas County, where the city is located, have been reported as severely damaged or destroyed. The Zion Lutheran Church is also said to have been significantly damaged by the storm, although fortunately it was not in session at the time of the incident.

Residents are being asked to stay safe and to help aid in any way they can regarding putting the city back together following the tornado. Although a state of emergency was indeed called, thankfully no one has been reported dead at this time.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Jimmy Emmerson, DVM – Creativecommons Flickr License

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