Bernie Sanders Is Competing With Hillary Clinton to Win the Liberal Vote

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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders has made an announcement regarding his campaign. He discusses how he plans to become the top candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Sanders is competing with Hillary Clinton to win the liberal votes by discussing the issues and not attacking Clinton.

According to U.S. News, the politician’s chooses to avoid criticizing his opponents and not ask for financial assistance from an independent political action committee (super PAC). He is proposing a new method of politicking. In the history of election campaigns, it is very uncommon not to use negative advertising to focus on the opponent’s bad side.

He believes people are capable of making the determination about which candidate is best without a negative focus on one’s opponent. The politician will confront Clinton on the issues alone, not her faults.

Currently, Clinton is leading the nomination race. Clinton has stated she will confront her opponent in the first Democratic debate. Sanders acknowledges he will be targeted for his record in the Senate.Sanders

When Sanders addressed his supporters in New Hampshire he never discussed the potential of having to compete against Joe Biden. The current Vice President has not entered the race. Ben Cohen, one of the senator’s supporters thinks that if Biden were to join the race it would be a boost in Sanders’ favor.

Sanders considers himself to be a democratic socialist. According to the Deseret News, democratic socialism is a government which focuses on the market driving the economy. The exception would be when issues of the national interest exist.

He has made a promise to not take any money from corporate sponsors. The senator wants to shut down Citizens United. The alternative he suggests is to use public money to fund elections. He wants to stop tax loopholes for large corporations as well as government subsidies. He states when the government supports big business, it is the poor and small businesses who suffer.

On his website, the candidate asks, “Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else?” He says we should fight to create jobs, increase incomes, protect healthcare, and the environment.

Sanders is seeking to win the liberal vote against Clinton. Unlike Clinton, he is not attached to possible federal government prosecution for wrongdoing. Even though he is not the current candidate who is at the top of the polls he has had thousands to supporters at his rallies.

In South Carolina, the candidate courted the African-American vote. Even with 2,800 people present to hear him speak, only a small portion were African-American. He needs their voting block in order to have a greater chance of beating Clinton.

Regarding gay rights issues, the politician has been the most reliable candidate when it comes to equality, according to Advocate Magazine. Thirty years ago he attempted to get a bill passed to support gay marriage, employment anti-discrimination laws, and a federal act which would protect gay students.

In addition to gay rights, the senator is a strong proponent of abortion rights. He believes in a single-payer healthcare system and suffers anyone who believes in income inequality.

Sanders is 73 years old, he has been in congress longer than any other independent. He is described as having “stubborn ideology and a jackhammer style.” Clinton and Sanders are competing to win the liberal vote in order to run as the Democratic nominee seeking the presidency.

By Cathy Milne
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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