Bobby Brown Seen Laughing, ‘Partying’ Days After Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral?

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Bobbi Kristina Brown was buried just over a week ago, and according to reports, her father, Bobby Brown, 46, is handling her death better than one would have thought. According to several news outlets, days after the 22-year-old’s funeral, Brown hopped on a plane back to Los Angeles where he reunited with several friends and family.

While many would have thought that the former R&B singer would stay hidden for some time to fully grief the death of his beloved daughter, photographers caught him “partying” with pals and fans following a comedy club show he attended that same night. Brown seemed in good spirits while attending the Ha Ha Cafe comedy club in Hollywood, where he presumably spent the evening to distance himself from the drama surrounding the death of Krissy.

Since her death, many reports have claimed that a lawsuit has been filed against the socialite’s ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who the Houston estate claim is solely responsible for what transpired on January 31st. Krissy was rushed to a nearby hospital after being found in a bathtub with her head underwater for fifteen minutes — doctors confirmed that the water intake had severely damaged her brain, leaving no chances for her to ever make a full recovery.

Of course, during the last few weeks, more sources have alleged that Gordon and Krissy had several arguments leading to her hospitalisation in January. In one lawsuit that has been filed, court papers state that Gordon physically abused his then-girlfriend and supposedly dragged her to the bathtub by her hair following another bust-up. It is further alleged that Gordon placed Krissy in the bathtub, only to come back hours later and find her head underwater.

So, while this lawsuit is still being processed and investigated, there is some sort of understanding why fans would be somewhat enraged to see Krissy’s father head on out to comedy clubs since the death of his daughter is still so fresh on everybody’s mind. With new information coming forward every single day, people on social media have lashed out at Brown, claiming that he should be doing everything he can to put Gordon behind bars, and not go out to comedy clubs with friends.

At the same time, it can be stressed that the 46-year-old needs to distract himself from all the chaos that has been surrounding him since the beginning of the year. He has spent majority of the year worrying, falling ill, and welcoming another baby to the world. It is sure to be overwhelming for the ageing singer, who experienced the loss of ex-wife, Whitney Houston, just three years ago — the irony kicks in when realising that the deceased songstress also died in a bathtub. Frightening.

Many have disagreed with Brown’s actions to go out with friends, while others have stood by the singer’s side, arguing that he has every right to try and focus his attention on something other than the aftermath of his daughter’s death. He seems to be coping the best way he can.

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