Jennifer Aniston Supporting Jennifer Garner Through Ben Affleck Divorce


Jennifer Aniston has reportedly reached out to Jennifer Garner following the actress’ public announcement that she will be divorcing her husband Ben Affleck. The two Hollywood stars, who are believed to have formed a friendship at an award show over a decade ago, have remained relatively close over the years. Close enough to call one another when things go wrong.

And while it is fair to assume that Garner may not have reached out to Aniston over her embarrassment regarding her failed marriage, the former Friends actress made the first move, assuring the 43-year-old that she could always talk to her about her struggles. It should be noted that Aniston knows a thing or two when it comes to torn apart marriages, having famously married Brad Pitt, only to then be left for Angelina Jolie during their filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Ouch.

It was alleged that Pitt formed a secret affair with Jolie behind Aniston’s back before he eventually called off his marriage to the 46-year-old, who was left gobsmacked by her ex-husband’s decision regarding the divorce. In Garner’s case, sources say that she chose to end the marriage over alleged reports claiming that the Argo actor was cheating on her with the family’s nanny Christine Ouzounian.

It is even worse when one considers the fact that children are involved in the couple’s divorce, and while things have looked so far so good, there is no way that Aniston could ever get over the supposed fact that she was cheated on. Sure, she can remain calm and collective in front of the children, but deep inside, Garner’s rage could overbear her emotions and make her physically act out in public. Something her friends and family is sure to protect her from.

A marriage that lasted ten decades… gone to waste. RadarOnline affirms that Aniston is a great distraction for Garner, having helped her concentrate on more important things that do not concern her soon-to-be ex-husband. “They first met at the Oscars nearly 10 years ago and instantly bonded over being the two most famous Jennifers in the world at the time,” a source reveals.

“They’ve always had time for each other so when Ben and Jen’s marriage fell apart, she sent Jen flowers and a bottle of wine, telling her she was there for her,” the insider concluded. Garner did not attend Aniston’s wedding last month, and it is not hard to figure out why she did not go. There is no way that, while going through a divorce, Garner would willingly sit at another wedding reception and watch her friend marry the love of her life. It is heartbreaking.

The 43-year-old hopes that her divorce to Affleck does not turn nasty, following reports that both stars made most of their fortune after marrying one another. Several tabloids stressed that the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement in place, making their ten-year marriage so much more valuable in terms of how much each person can receive.

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RadarOnline: I’ll Be There For You! Jennifer Garner ‘Overwhelmed’ At Support From Friend Jennifer Aniston

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