Fox News Commentator Wayne Simmons Arrested by FBI for Fraud [Video]

Wayne Simmons

On Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015, a frequent guest commentator on Fox News, Wayne Simmons, was arrested by the FBI for fraud. The resident of Annapolis, Maryland, claimed to have worked for the CIA as an “outside paramilitary special operations officer” for 27 years. He explained that he had perpetuated the alleged fraud to gain credibility with Fox News, for which he was a commentator since 2002.

According to the FBI, Simmons also used false credentials to serve as an intelligence consultant for the military, and successfully advised the military on an unnamed mission overseas. The FBI added that work with the CIA would not be found through an ordinary background check, but the military certainly could have confirmed his CIA experience before hiring him as an intelligence advisor.

In addition, the FBI charged Simmons for using his fraudulent work with the CIA to explain his criminal history, which includes unnamed violent crimes and offenses involving firearms. Additionally, he is being charged for allegedly stealing $125,000 from someone in a phony real estate deal. Simmons could spend up to 35 years in jail.

According to Mashable, Simmons enjoyed speaking out against the Obama administration on Fox News alongside various politicians, and he used his false CIA experience to lend credibility to his anger. In 2007, Simmons falsely accused John Kerry, then-senator of Massachusetts, of referring to American troops as “terrorists”on national television. When Simmons was challenged about this accusation, he said, “I have been in the presence of terrorists and I have been the subject of their wrath. So I understand what terror is, and it is not when we kick down doors.”

A Fox News representative has reported that even though Simmons was a frequent guest analyst, he was not paid for his commentaries or television appearances. Therefore, other than voicing his political views on national television, it is unclear why he chose to allegedly commit fraud.

Simmons has an online biography, which states he is the CEO of a limited liability company in Delaware. It also says he is the “sole inventor of HADRiAN, a software that prevents fraud, which Mashable says makes the charges ironic at best.

ThinkProgress reviewed all of Simmons’ appearances as a commentator on Fox News since 2002. They chose the ones they believe topped all the others in light of his recent arrest by the FBI for fraud.

Simmons’ Top Seven Moments on Fox News

1. In 2009, Simmons referred to President Obama as the “boy king” and claimed he was responsible for several acts of terrorism. The allegedly fraudulent analyst claimed that every Third World oppressor that wants to go against the United States and its allies will do so. The men in those countries are invigorated because they believe the Obama Administration will not strike back.

2. In 2005, Simmons supported former president George W. Bush when he decided to invade Iraq. He stated it would be a proven fact that government headed by a Democrat would cause “9/11’s unabated.”

3. Simmons stated that the missing Malaysian jet was due to an attack from the U.S. He said Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing over the South China Sea as a result of a “state-sponsored” strike ordered and executed by men like him, from the CIA. He believed this was the only way the action could have succeeded. It was precisely planned, according to the allegedly fraudulent analyst.

4. According to Simmons, Nancy Pelosi is a pathological liar who was going to cause an attack against America in 2009. He claimed that the Speaker of the House, then Pelosi, would cause CIA operatives to abandon their duties because of her lies. She relentlessly attacked the CIA and released confidential memos. He claimed that operatives like him would not go above and beyond to secure intelligence and information to protect the U.S. under her, and that she would directly affect the national security of the U.S.

5. Simmons claimed to have witnessed a person’s tongue being cut out. In 2003, he talked about the interrogation of Saddam Hussein during an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor. He believed the U.S. should not show restraint when questioning Hussein, and he was in favor of using harmful chemicals as well as hallucinogenic drugs. He compared the situation to that of narco-terrorists and encouraged more extreme interrogation techniques than America’s military would traditionally attempt.

6. He announced a plan that would destroy ISIS in seven days. The alleged fraud claimed in March that Valerie Jarrett, a White House advisor, was really running the country, but had no idea how to conquer ISIS. Simmons believed there was a simple solution. He suggested that over the course of one week, the military should run thousands of raids. This would make it possible for military forces to identify, locate, designate, and slaughter ISIS. He announced he wanted to kill them all on Fox News.

7. The commentator chastised the FBI on Fox News for not performing proper background checks routinely in 2007. A security breach, similar to Simmons’ own situation, caused him to accuse the Bureau of not efficiently vetting their staff. The FBI hired a woman who falsified her marriage in order to become a legalized citizen and to work for the FBI. Once employed, she accessed information concerning her relatives. The self-described “former CIA agent” said that whoever ran that background check failed the FBI – the very same agency which placed him under arrest for fraud on Oct. 15.

By Jeanette Smith

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  1. anon   October 18, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    put his name in md judiciary case search!

  2. Cathy Milne   October 18, 2015 at 4:58 pm

    Best written article on the web about this crazy person.Too bad he was not apprehended earlier. How many other crazy things did he get away with; how much damage has he caused? This also creates more reason to doubt Fox News’ ability to be effective.


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