Amber Heard Not Cause of Johnny Depp ‘Vajoliroja’ Yacht Sale

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Recent reports claiming that Amber Heard forced Johnny Depp to sell his $47.6 million yacht, named “Vajoliroja,” in order to move on from his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, have turned out to be a hoax after all. The Hollywood actress was slammed by multiple outlets last week when it was alleged that the family yacht, named after Depp’s children and his ex, had been auctioned off under Heard’s demands.

US Magazine was very vocal when their sources stressed that Heard’s pushy attitude over the yacht ended up forcing Depp to sell it once and for all. It was then added by another insider that the 29-year-old’s alleged ongoing feud with the actor’s ex-girlfriend played a significant part as to why Heard was determined to get rid of the yacht.

However, what many of these outlets failed to mention was that Depp’s multi-million dollar yacht had been up for sale since January 2013. This would heavily contradict those stories, which openly claim that Heard’s supposed feud with Paradis was the reason for the sale. Why would she wait three years before making the decision to sell off her husband’s yacht? What would have been her reasons behind it, and why would she make that kind of a decision to begin with? These are questions that should have been considered.

There could not have been any hard feelings coming from Paradis’ side, as one source stated, because she would have already been aware of the auction back when it was originally listed in 2013, not 2015. Furthermore, it seems odd that US Magazine would shed light on the yacht sale two years after its original listing, seemingly only to drag Heard into the mix of things.

But then again, it has been very apparent in recent months that Heard is a favorite with the tabloids, who have also gone on to report that the Hollywood beauty supposedly dislikes Paradis. It almost seems as if news outlets, including US Magazine, have tried to top one another on who can come up with the most sensationalized article. After all, if their sources are so in the know of things, how could they not be aware of the fact that the yacht has been for sale since 2013?

Instead of looking for a reason to slam Heard in the story and bring negative attention her way, what these so-called “sources” should do is find out why a yacht owned by Depp still has not sold in over two years. That probably would not happen, because writing factual information with research and a certain requirement for reporting the truth consists of hard work, a concept of which these outlets are unaware, if the false Heard yacht story is any indication.

Heard has never publicly bashed Paradis, despite reports saying otherwise. The actress has also never shared any sort of distaste for the mother of her husband’s two children, Lily-Rose, 16, and Jack John, 13. Lastly, recent photos of Rose and Heard shopping together prove that there is no tension between daddy’s new wife and the kids. In fact, it just goes to show that so-called sources really have no clue when it comes to factual reporting. By the way, the yacht is still for sale.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy

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