Shooter on the Loose in San Bernardino, California! Manhunt in Progress


Update Dec. 2, 2015, at 4:32 pm local time.

According to Fox News, the manhunt for the suspects identified as the gunmen involved in the shooting earlier today is currently focused on a local church, just a few miles from the Inland Center. Authorities have confirmed that two suspects are down, and the search continues for one more. Live coverage displayed two armored vehicles followed closely by SWAT personnel, moved into the parking lot of the church where one of the suspects is believed to be inside.

Officials have confirmed there is at least 14 dead with another 17 wounded, some reportedly in critical condition. San Bernardino Chief of Police Jarrod Burguan indicated that a motive for the shooting had not been discovered, and the situation continues to be active. A black SUV was involved in a high-speed pursuit, shots were fired and as of the update, law enforcement were approaching the vehicle with precision and care.

As this story develops Guardian Liberty Voice will continue to provide updates as more details are made available.

Today Dec. 2, 2015, law enforcement responded to a call of an active shooter in San Bernardino, CA just after 11:00 am local time. Sources close to the incident, report that 20 people have been shot, and firefighters have set up a triage area to assess the victims.

SWAT teams could be seen in the area, and an evacuation of the Inland Regional Center is under way. People can be seen leaving the building with their hands up, according to Daily News. The Inland Center is a facility that helps individuals diagnosed with mild to severe Autism. Ranging in age from 17 months to 40-years old. One witness says there may be at least 500 people employed at the center.  The “active shooter” according to CNN was spotted in the Orange Show Road and Waterman Ave near Park Center.

Authorities have reported that 12 people are dead. However, that report has not been confirmed. It also appears there are one to three gunmen involved, according to Breaking 911. The shooting took place near a golf course, and the local sheriffs are warning people to stay away from the area. It has been confirmed that an alleged explosive device has been found, and the bomb squad is investigating.

Located just 60 miles east of Los Angeles, San Bernardino has a population of about 200,000. As of this report, the FBI, ATF and local authorities have taken control of the area, and many of the streets leading to the area have been shut down.

This is a developing story; Guardian Liberty Voice will report updates as they become available.

By Jireh Gibson


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Image Courtesy of Chris Yarzab’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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