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Is Black America Headed for Extinction?


Black AmericaThere are many contributing factors which could potentially lead to the extinction of Black America. Issues such as police brutality, black-on-black crime, life-long prison sentences, unhealthy eating, and abortions along with the added stress of being black in America, are all signs that point to a country void of African-Americans. It is time for us to wake up or continue on the road toward becoming an endangered species.

Many have used the excuse of black-on-black crime as a justification to the looming extinction. The question often pondered is, “If African-Americans do not care about themselves, why should anyone else?” The crime rate that exists within the black community is a tragedy, however, this does not justify the disproportionate number of lethal encounters with police. It is no secret that African-Americans are twice as likely to be arrested and four times more likely to be subjected to unnecessary force during encounters with law enforcement.

Today, many within the black community feel systematically trapped into a NO-WIN situation. They have been socially engineered into their dilemma and historically marked by remnants of a stereotyped path, which is perpetuated in age-old sitcoms, contemporary Hollywood films and other mediums of popular culture. If Black America continues to fall face-forward into the lifestyles that have been handed to them by a system meant to destroy the race, extinction will be the only resolve.

What a sad reality to watch an entire race “fade to black” while the rest of America sits on sidelines either cheering, shifting blame or cursing the system. Meanwhile, many members of this “cursed” race find themselves going crazy while trying to navigate through life in ways that will put their opposing race at ease. Black Americans continue to be reduced to constricting and false typecasts which invoke fear or accusations just because of the color of their skin. Will it ever end? Is the ending going to be the death of an entire race? Is it a crime to seek common ground as opposed to using “stand your ground” as a weapon of destruction?

Black AmericaSo many questions with so few answers have left nearly an entire portion of this free country hopeless. Hope is the belief that circumstances will improve, or at least not deteriorate further, but without a strategic or methodical way to circumnavigate this detrimental landscape, hope becomes increasingly scarce. Individuals who possess hope for the future tend to have a concern about the potential negative impacts of their actions. The lack of such hope removes the specter of negative consequence from one’s mind and leaves him or her free to participate, without restraint, in criminal activity such as black-on-black crime.

Black America is headed for extinction unless a change takes place from the inside as well as outside forces. As a people, we must decide that extinction will not be our truth. Currently, we see police killing young unarmed black men almost on a daily basis without remorse or recourse. However, we also have armed black men killing each other at an alarming rate. The way to get rid of a race is to kill them before they grow and have a chance to reproduce.

It is time for Black America to move from surviving in captivity, both mentally and physically, and turn their attention and efforts toward fixing the root causes rather than wallowing in the symptoms. A good place to start is the pursuit of self-respect and mutual respect for others, instead of the self-hatred, contempt and acceptance of a diminished image that many have subconsciously adopted. Is Black America headed for extinction? Without change, an entire race will undoubtedly fade to black.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


The Gazette: Recognizing the signs of black America’s genocide

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