Heroes Reborn: Project Reborn (Review/Recap) [Video]

Heroes Reborn

After a cancellation, return, and yet another cancellation, Heroes Reborn: Project Reborn gave viewers the metaphorical closure and the epilogue they greatly needed. This week’s series finale attempted to bring everything from the Heroes Reborn series full circle, while providing a much-needed explanation of what happened in the timeline of the show before it premiered. The series has given viewers moments of television that would make any lover of the franchise jump for joy as well as moments of puzzlement. Like the series, Project Reborn was not without its flaws, but still provided an ending that would leave a majority of viewers satisfied.

Heroes RebornPicking up where Heroes Reborn: Company Woman left off, the twins were still separated and the solar flare was only hours away. Trapped in Evernow, Tommy’s only hope for escape was literally himself. The clandestine teen unwillingly became Kravid’s time-traveling tool, used to jump everyone with the well-designed fitness bracelets into the future, while the Earth suffered the devastation. As the teen ran through the virtual simulation to find a way to escape, he came across a time-displaced version of himself.

At this moment, he realized that he could do what Hiro Nakamura never accomplished, or just never tried: make two versions of himself. These time-displaced clones allowed Tommy to be two places at once. As Tommy remained trapped in the virtual reality game, his other self coached him that time is free-flowing and not constant. A little bit of Confucius proverb allowed the original Tommy to look back at all his memories, which were allegedly gone. Looking back at the moment of his birth to the point where his memories were taken allowed the young teen to come to the full realization of who he was and what he must do. However, how the duplicate Tommy made it into the game is another Heroes Reborn plot hole that viewers will have to overlook for the sake of entertainment.

Heroes RebornMeanwhile, on the doomed Earth, Malina and her group of reformed villains pulled up to Gateway right after all the members were transported to the future. All that was left were buildings, debris, and a very angry, and still very pale, Phoebe (Quentin’s sister). The first solar flare was fast approaching and, without Tommy, Malina was unsure if her powers were enough. At that moment, Luke decided to come full circle in his redemption and make a hero’s sacrifice (pun fully intended).

The evo hunter-turned-protector used his powers of absorbing the sun’s radiation and became Heroes Reborn’s version of the human torch. Taking in all the mighty power of the solar flare, Luke was lifted up to the sky and eventually dissipated with the cosmic rays. The moment was sad and the accomplishment was short-lived, considering that another solar flare was on its way to Earth.

Malina and Quintin had no time to dwell on their lost companion and had to move on. As Malina entered the watchtower to get closer to the second solar flare, Phoebe was waiting and ready to pounce with her powers, which looked liked octopus-ink blots. Still convinced that Erica was right and coming back for her, the homicidal Phoebe kept her sights set on Malina. Quintin did the best he could to try and plead with his sister to give it up and come back to her senses, but it had no effect. Quintin realized that his sister was too far gone and eventually shot her down. Phoebe’s death would have held a little more weight on viewers had they watched her introduction through the Heroes Reborn web series Dark Matters, in which they would have seen Phoebe’s life as it was before becoming a one-dimensional, shadow-wielding lackey.

Heroes RebornBack in the future, Ren, along with Tommy’s girlfriend, Emily Duval, teamed up to save the other evos who were trapped in stasis. With Hachiro Otomo free, he could send Ren into the disintegrating virtual world of Evernow to rescue Tommy from captivity. The scene was bittersweet for viewers. Again, the horribly animated world of Evernow was brought to Heroes Reborn’s viewers’ eyes, but it was sweet because it brought back Miko. Ren and Miko teamed up and easily made their way through samurai warriors to eventually free Tommy from his prison.

Now free, and with full mastery of his abilities, Tommy set out to reunite with his sister and stop the end of the world. First, there were some loose ends to tie up, and it took two of him to make sure that everything was fixed. Making another time-displaced clone of himself, one Tommy went back to find out what really happens when he and his sister reunite, and the other stayed to send everyone from the Gateway future back to present Earth.

One of the time-traveling Tommys witnessed his forgotten past of being tested and monitored by Angela Petrelli and her group of scientists. The result was a lightning-like spark between the two that unleashed some bright blue team through a conduit. The only challenge that the young hero would face was finding the human conduit who was ready to sacrifice his life to save the world. Unfortunately for Heroes Reborn fans, that individual would turn out to be grandfather and fan-favorite, Noah Bennet.

The star that had been a major part of the Heroes universe finally had a chance to become a hero in his own right, by sacrificing himself to save the world. It was already inferred that Tommy had rescued his grandfather in the winter finale of Heroes Reborn, but now it was made clear exactly why Noah was saved.

The Earth was clear from danger and everyone, minus Erica Kravid, was returned back to the present day. Finishing with a glimpse into the main characters’ lives after three months, Heroes Reborn showed how the lives of every hero involved was saved – minus Quintin, who ended up in jail. The twins went on to their separate lives. Tommy remained in the small town, working in the ice cream parlor with Emily, and Malina ended up in Odessa, Texas, with her grandmother.

As a whole, the series was far from perfect, but it brought the Heroes saga to a full close while leaving the door open to be further explored with the new characters. Considering how abrupt and unentertaining the last season of its predecessor was, Heroes Reborn brought a proper epilogue and ending to the acclaimed series. Without thinking about the slow start and the series of plot holes in episodes following its post-winter return, the series accomplished keeping some diehard viewers’ dreams alive while delivering entertainment for a new generation of superhero fans.

Opinion by Tyler Cole


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