Chicago Westside Community Holds Candlelight Vigil for Lamarr Watson [Video]


Lamarr Watson

Guardian Liberty Voice Videographer Untrail D. Boyd follows a crowd of more than 100 North Lawndale residents as they hold a candlelight vigil for murdered black resident Lamarr Watson.  According to Boyd, the 30-year-old Watson was shot while standing outside in the 2200 block of South Kolin. The incident took place shortly after 2 a.m.Chicago

Boyd says that Watson was shot by someone he knew. A published Chicago Sun-Times account claims that “someone walked up and shot [Watson] in the head.” However, the Sun-Times made no mention of who Watson’s killer was. In fact, the short report ended after stating that as of Sunday night, no one had been taken into police custody for the shooting.

ChicagoWatson was pronounced dead at 6:30 a.m.; only hours after arriving at Mount Sinai Hospital.

The May 3 vigil, to be held at 7:00 p.m., is a display of compassion felt by residents of the North Lawndale community where Watson was shot. According to Boyd: “You could hear the hurt, anger, parents crying; and you could also hear several participants in the crowd identifying the shooter.” You could specifically hear them shouting out the name of the person who hid the killer from the police, said Boyd. Much of what was being said can be heard by listening to the audio track accompanying the embedded video attached to the end of this report.

Contrary to published reports throughout Chicago land media outlets, this online newspaper has correctly spelled Watson’s first name, Lamarr.

By DiMarkco Chandler

Video Journalist Untrail D. Boyd contributed to this report.


Chicago Sun-Times:Lamar Watson shot to death around the corner from his home in North Lawndale

Image Credit: Untrail D. Boyd

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  1. Worst day of my life, never thought I’ll be living life without u. I miss you so much brother it will never be the same

  2. This is so sad I went to grammar school with Lamarr just ran into him 2 weeks ago on Cermak the violence in North Lawndale is unreal I was born and raised in k town my grandmother moved my family away in 2006 going back to visit things are nothing like they used to be. We were safe we looked out for one another we were friends we loved and took care of our community now, that has all stopped and it’s sad

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