‘No Man’s Sky’ Game Proves the ‘Sky Is the Limit’

No Man's Sky

“No Man’s Sky” is a science-fiction game that was originally developed by a design studio based in the U.K. called, Hello Games. It will soon grace the screens of electronic gadgets, when it is officially released in August 2016, as reported by its official website. However, the availability of the game will be confined to only selective devices and geographical regions. The users of gaming consoles, mostly Play Station 4 (PS4), who reside in North America and Europe will be the first ones able to purchase the game, “No Man’s Sky,” online for $59.99. It will be available for the specified population on August 9 and 10, respectively. However, it becomes available for the PC worldwide starting August 12.

No Man's SkyThe game gives users a free-hand in terms of stretching their imagination. It requires them to discover an artificially created infinite galactic universe that has been generated using mathematical algorithms. The players of the game need to unravel the new environment and sustain themselves while in it. They are required to utilize the endlessly available challenges and opportunities to navigate, survive, thrive, and succeed in their novel habitat. In a nutshell, “No Man’s Sky” game proves the “sky is the limit.” As this proverb in itself means, “endless or limitless opportunities or possibilities are available to an individual for fulfilling his or her ambitions and aspirations in life,” according to Dictionary.com.

Tech Insider describes the game as being inconceivably huge due to its infinitely large galactic expansion. The new virtual universe reportedly comprises of 18 quintillion planets. All of them have a conquest challenge for the players, who are required to collect as many resources as they can from each planet, in order to travel to the center of the universe in the shortest possible time. This is the goal for the player achieve. The outcome is a four-pronged playing strategy to be deployed in order to win the game. Thus, to emerge successful, a player needs to explore the surroundings of the new habitat for the collection of resources; survive by seeking protection from external climatic conditions and other bizarre planetary creatures, including animals and a group of evil aliens; trade resources with a bunch of good and helpful aliens for space cash; and fight with the other dangerous aliens and animals. As evident from the above challenges, the developers of the game, “No Man’s Sky,” seem to have invested a great degree of creativity and innovation in designing and developing it. Moreover, to sustain and heighten the interest factor, the game requires an altogether different level of imaginative thinking from its users to unlock its secrets, which suggests that, “No Man’s Sky” game developers believe the “sky is the limit.”

Needless to mention, there is so much effervescence already surrounding the game, “No Man’s Sky,” more than 170,000 people pre-ordered the game, in North America the month of May, as reported by the Redbull website. In addition, barely two weeks before its official launch, a copy of the game was leaked online, according to the BBC. Consequently, one Reddit user and die-hard fan of the game, “No Man’s Sky,” bought it online for $1,250,  an amount that is almost 20 times the standard market price of the game. This strongly indicates that people cannot wait to lay their hands on the action-adventure game, “No Man’s Sky.” Since, it provides them with a golden opportunity to unleash the strength and elasticity of their imagination, and experiment with it by making it run wildly in all directions in a lavishly extravagant space. This suggests that “No Man’s Sky” game metaphorically proves the “sky is the limit.”

By Bashar Saajid
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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