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Many people love to write and/or travel for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy seeing new places and exploring new cultures, while others thrill at the escapism inherent in both writing and travel. Imagine getting paid to write and travel while making a living doing what you love. As a freelance writer and editor, this is one of the perks of my job. I can travel around the United States and explore the globe while getting paid for documenting my adventures. You could consider me a literary Jane Bond if you will, with a computer and/or pen as my choice of weapons. More to the point, they are the tools of my trade. As long as I have a computer and Internet access, I can recount my adventures all over the world and get paid to do so.

The art of getting paid to write and travel. It is a terrific craft, indeed. Best of all, I have been able to make a living doing what I love while crafting a business out of the pursuits that many would envy. While it is not always easy to get started, it is worth the risk if you are truly talented and desire a profession you can be passionate about. My story is atypical and might not be what you expect. I became a professional writer and editor later in life, after many years on a very different path. My change in career paths was born out of necessity. While I have always enjoyed writing and experienced success early on in life via writing contests and other similar awards, I never envisioned making a living as a writer. It was what many would consider a ‘pipe dream.’


Instead, I pursued my studies and career in the medical field, combined with stints in the military, politics, and public service industry. I have always been a very career-oriented individual and these ambitions have served me well. However, my life and career paths experienced major upheaval following a serious, life-altering accident. This incident changed everything for me and made me re-evaluate all aspects of my life–personally and professionally. As a result, I rediscovered writing as a refuge and it saved my life.

Whether you are a writer, photographer, or have talent in multiple fields, I encourage you to pursue your career passions but do so carefully and in a cautious manner. The bottom line is, you must be able to make a living at your passion if you want to pursue it full-time. Try submitting samples of your work to different outlets–newspapers, magazines, online publications, etc. and see how things turn out. The key questions are–Are they receptive to your work and willing to pay you for it? If so, you can begin to build a profile of work and craft your reputation. Whether or not you are able to make a living at this pursuit is for you to determine. If not, it can be done as a sideline for some extra income, and hopefully, your passions can still be indulged. Simply put, not everyone is able to develop a life that revolves around the art of getting paid to write. If you can craft such a life and business, however, the rewards are most definitely worth it.

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