Christina Aguilera to Receive Equality Award From the HRC [Video]

The Human Rights Campaign (HRA) announced Christina Aguilera will be presented with the HRC Ally for Equality Award on March 30, 2019, in Los Angeles.

HRC President Chad Griffin stated Aguilera has been an LGBT icon who uses her superstar status to share a message of inspiration and hope to those who are discriminated against because of who they are.

He continues saying through her music and advocacy is making a difference by bringing visibility to the LGBT community.

Aguilera has helped raise funds to help fight HIV/AIDS and has been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality and anti-LGBT bullying.

In 2017, Billboard wrote Aguilera earned the title of LGBT icon “for advocating for LGBTQ equality and representation over the course of her career.”

The singer’s song “Beautiful” released in 2002 was considered one of the most empowering anthems for the LGBT community.

In 2017 for Gay Pride, Aquilera wrote a letter to the LGBT community showing her support. She wrote the LGBT community never had it easy. The struggles everybody faces on a daily basis and on a broader cultural and political level is unfathomable. Yet, despite the struggles, everybody keeps fighting and perseveres.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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