Wendy Williams Becomes a Substance Abuse Crusader


Wendy Williams who has been very open about her substance abuse issues has decided to tackle the epidemic head-on.

The talk show host has created her own hotline in the hopes of trying to combat the substance abuse and drug epidemic in the United States. The hotline, 1-888-5HUNTER (6637) was started to provide for those in need of help.

Williams’ Hunter Foundation set up the hotline with a case management institution called T.R.U.S.T, to provide the necessary resources.

In a statement, Williams said everybody must join together to tackle the substance abuse and addiction problem.

The Hotline will be available around the clock, seven days a week. Certified recovery coaches would take the calls and will assess the individual calling.

After the intake, they will match the caller with necessary services which includes detox, sober living, rehabilitation, therapy, and outpatient centers.

The hotline will also help family members and loved ones of those suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction.

Those not suffering from addiction will be able to call to obtain substance abuse awareness information and education.

Williams highlighted in her statement how widespread the substance abuse epidemic was. She said everybody is susceptible to the issue from affluent communities to inner cities. She was continued by saying it was an honor to team up with T.R.U.S.T so people in need could obtain services even if their loved ones have given up.

The Hunter Foundation was founded by Williams, husband Kevin Hunter, and Kevin Jr. their son in 2014. The Foundation is nonprofit and provides prevention, rehabilitation programs, and drug education grants.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Ebony: Wendy Williams a Launches Drug and Substance Abuse Hotline

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