Wendy Williams Is Blamed by Ex for Destroying His Relationship With Son

WilliamsTMZ is reporting that Wendy Williams who filed for divorce recently from her husband she had been married to for 21 years, Kevin Hunter, is trying to cause a rift between the couple’s son Kevin Hunter Jr., and his father.

Sources have told TMZ that Hunter has been telling people that Williams is trying to poison the relationship he has with his 18-year-old son. He claims Williams is saying negative things about him to his son, and his son is taking his mother’s side.

Hunter, it is alleged, had made multiple attempts in the past weeks since Williams filed for divorce to try to mend their relationship. Hunter Jr. has refused to see his father.

Sources have also said Hunter has texted his son long texts and would get a reply in one word.

The informant continued to tell TMZ that before Williams served Hunter with the divorce paperwork, Hunter Sr. had a very close relationship with his son. Their relationship changed after the paperwork was filed, and he blames Williams for that change.

The marriage of the talk show post and the former executive director of her “Wendy Williams” television show’s marriage ended after it is alleged Hunter had a baby girl out of wedlock with his long term mistress Sharina Hudson.

Williams estranged husband apologized in public for his actions towards his ex-wife and took responsibility for hurting Williams and his family. Hunter feels that Williams negative feelings toward Hunter have been transferred to her son.

Recently, Hunter Jr and Hunter Sr. got into a physical altercation in a shopping center parking lot in New Jersey. It is alleged that Hunter Sr. put his son in a headlock and Hunter Jr. punched him. The led to Hunter Jr. being arrested for assault.

It is alleged father and son got into an argument about the spousal support Hunter Jr was asking from Williams as part of the divorce agreement. Also, they argued about Williams possibly trying to destroy the relationship between Hunter Sr and Jr.

Williams’ estranged husband says his feelings toward his son have not changed and he loves him. He also has said he will not press criminal charges against him.

Sources say he is afraid his relationship with his son has been permanently ruined.

Written by Barbara Sobel


TMZ: Kevin Hunter Blames Wendy Williams for Ruining Relationship with Son

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