Chipotle Is Giving Five People Free Burritos for a Year

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It seems like every year, Chipotle gets in on the Halloween action. Not only do they typically offer some kind of discount for people who show up on October 31, after 2 P.M., but they also offer rewards via their app. However, this year it seems that Chipotle is taking their Halloween offers to the next level.

Not only will customers who go in costume on Halloween get a salad, bowl, or burrito for just $4, but they are also offering a deal for people who sign up for their rewards program. So, on top of the discounted meal, “customers who sign up for Chipotle Rewards will get free chips and guacamole after their first purchase.”

However, these two deals are not the only thing Chipotle is offering this Halloween. In fact, five people who create TikTok videos showing off a costumed transformation will be eligible to win free burritos for an entire year. The video posts must include the hashtag using the word “Boorito.” In order to determine the winners of the free burritos, the five videos that receive the most likes will be chosen to get 365 days worth of burritos.

Considering how many customers already show up to Chipotle in costume to get their meals for just $4, it makes sense that the fast food chain would decide to go all out this year for Halloween. Which means that anyone who wants to create a Halloween transformation video on TikTok and use “#Boorito” could be eligible for an entire year of Chipotle (and there is nothing wrong with free food for a year).

Written by Kimberley Spinney


Delish – You Can Win Free Chipotle Burritos Just By Making A Fool Out Of Yourself Online

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