Latest Developments of Donald Trump’s Impeachment


It seems that drama within the White House has reached a near boiling point as the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump gains more and more ground.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is “winning” the impeachment inquiry against President Trump. During an interview with radio talk show host John Catsimatidis, Steve Bannon made critical remarks on the progression of the impeachment.

Bannon, the previous senior counselor and top strategist for the president, described Pelosi’s plans to impeach Trump “on two counts: one, abuse of power, the other obstruction of power,” as the ” most sophisticated political warfare” and “disinformed campaign.”

With Trump once again tweeting about how the impeachment is like a “witch hunt” and saying “he did nothing wrong” he also continues to receive backlash after posting another tweet, targeting the “whistleblower” on the subject of why they are not testifying.

The masked whistleblower has become essential to the Democrat’s investigations against Trump, after having unmasked his effort to pressure Ukraine for political favors. The information released about this incident has led to testimony from acting assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker, in the impeachment inquiry about how he was not aware of a push by Trump officials for Ukraine to publicly announce investigations.

To further help with the investigations a federal judge ordered a release of grand jury information redacted from the Mueller report by October 30, 2019, needing the information to “conduct a fair impeachment investigation based on all relevant facts.”

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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