German Producer, Peter Doc B Brings Christmas Early to the Favela

Doc B

Christmas came early for the kids in the Favela of Lauro de Freitas, Bahia Brazil. It was bigger than most would ever see as German producer Peter Doc B of EEDB (Eagle E and Doc) teamed up with International Brazilian Rap Star Kaos MC, of the Lokos Da Favela Family movement and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd. from the U.K. to put on a huge kids day celebration bash.  The event drew thousands of people and hundreds of kids, who had to be entertained, fed, and given gifts as well as watching their favorite rap star Kaos MC perform for them.

“This was our biggest kids’ event yet,” Doc B said.  “We have been growing and becoming successful and our aim is to pass on this success to the Favela helping the kids and the adults there.”

The annual event, held by the Lokos Da Favela at Santa Parque Santa Rita, is mostly funded by Doc B productions and Doc B himself.  Last year, donations came in from superstars like Tito Jackson also, but Doc B in association with Shlepp Entertainment Ltd and Kaos MC mostly raise the funds for the event.  They provide activities for the kids from trampolines to face painting, clowns, and games.  Obviously the kids love the cakes, food and drinks, and mostly the toys.  It is a huge undertaking and getting bigger every year.  Doc B said: “We cannot just feed the kids, we have to feed their families also, so it can turn out to be thousands of people and we are grateful to the people of the Favela who get together with us to prepare the food, drinks, and activities for the kids.”

For rising Brazilian Rap star Kaos Mc this is one of the most important days in The Lokos Da Favela calendar.  He reported: “Our aim is to change the future for these kids, give them more hope, more chances, and more education.  This event is very important to us and we are proud of it.:

Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd told us:

“This is just amazing, such a great feeling to do something like this and see you are really appreciated.  I rarely get this feeling in the West even with my own children.  Everything you do there is taken for granted. But here you can see you are making a difference, bringing real smiles and joy to whole families not just the kids.  Shlepp Entertainment is really proud to be a part of this and it is just the beginning.  I am working with organizations from the USA and Europe to build special schools in the Favelas of Brazil starting here.  I enjoy doing this and working closely with Doc B and Lokos Da Favela.  Obviously without them nothing can really happen here.  They open the doors to the people and the Favela.”

So, for many kids who will truly miss out on Christmas, this is like their Christmas, all thanks to a German producer who has made his home and name in the Favela of Brazil, Peter Doc B.  To find out more or help with Lokos Da Favela projects contact Shlepp Entertainment.

By Jeanette Smith

Pictures Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment Ltd – Used With Permission



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